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The No Kill Advocacy Center has renewed its petition to the state of Virginia to revoke PETA’s “animal shelter” status.

A VA state senator has requested an investigation into PETA’s theft and killing of Maya.  (Thanks Nathan for the link.)

In December 2013, authorities responding to a complaint in Ashland Co, WI seized 4 horses and killed a donkey owned by rescuers.  One of the horses starved to death while in the county’s care.  The rescuers are now suing the county along with the individual ACOs and police officers involved in the case.  (Thanks Clarice.)

A Customs and Border Protection officer in AZ has been charged with animal cruelty after he was caught on video hanging his drug detection dog from a leash and slamming him to the concrete. The dog has reportedly been retired and given a home by another officer.  (Thank you Clarice.)

A cat who’d been living at a private shelter in PA since May became rabid in December and was killed for testing.  Three people were treated for exposure.  The shelter’s president insists proper protocols were followed but the article does not mention whether the cat was ever vaccinated.

Present for the cat/tea party lover on your list.

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  1. I hope the investigation of PETA continues and they are given what they deserve.

    1. Interesting. That piece says the cat came in with bite marks on his head and was vaccinated. The vaccine slowed the progression of the disease so that he didn’t exhibit symptoms for 7 months. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Capitol Office
    Senate of Virginia
    P.O. Box 396
    Richmond, VA 23218
    Phone: (804) 698-7506
    Room No: 307
    Legislative Assistant: Charles Stanton

    contact info for Senator Lewis that wrote.. Please contact his office to thank him and encourage further investigation. Ask him to enjoin his colleagues as well.

  3. On the No Kill Hampton Roads FB page:
    From today’s The Virginian-Pilot / In addition to the requests below, please send a nice email to Lauren King thanking her for staying on top of this very important story.

    Read the article here:

    If you want the killing to stop, we ask that you also:
    1. Contact our State Veterinarian, Dr. Carolynn Bissett, in support of the No Kill Advocacy Center’s petition requesting the revocation of PETA’s shelter status.
    Contact information: Dr. Bissett

    2. Contact VDACS Commissioner Sandra J. Adams, in support of Senator Lewis’ request for “intense review and scrutiny” of PETA regarding Maya’s death.

    Contact information: Commissioner Adams

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