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  1. AC in MD “saved” 23 cats just to kill 22: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/nearly-two-dozen-cats-seized-from-a-md-home-then-euthanized-touches-off-a-furor/2015/01/24/f96d0bf8-a310-11e4-903f-9f2faf7cd9fe_story.html

    They’ve also threatened to arrest her if she feeds stray cats (who do *not* live in the house).

    My question is, if the house and the cats were is such bad shape, why did they leave five cats there? Not to mention, at no point was the house deemed unfit for human occupation. Too terrible for animals, but humans can live there? There is a major break in logic somewhere.

  2. Those poor cats in Hyattsville; they were probably so terrified by the ordeal that they acted unsocialized even though they are tame. The five who still live in their home were probably hiding. Many of the ACOs who work for Prince George’s County Animal Control are evil, lying sacks of shit who absolutely cannot be trusted. One of the reasons I moved to West Virginia was to get as far away as possible from these jerks a d still stay in the greater DC area.

  3. Proposed law in Mississippi: http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/documents/2015/pdf/HB/1200-1299/HB1261IN.pdf

    News articles on it:


    “Mississippi state lawmakers have introduced a first-of-its-kind bill that would, in part, allow police officers, without a warrant, to enter any home where they believe a pit bull or other “dangerous dog” might be present.

    In addition, under House Bill 1261, police may kill the animals if two of the following three factors apply:
    The dogs are “not under proper restraint when on the premises of its owner.”
    They aren’t wearing vaccination tags on their necks.
    They are still running around after “attempts to peacefully capture the dog have been made and proven unsuccessful.””

  4. I have long wondered why it is that we don’t pair our veterans with shelter animals in a more formal way. We all know the heath and mental health benefits of the unconditional love and acceptance our animals bring to our lives. When I saw the A&E series about this group, I knew I wanted to help. The series ran for 5 episodes and I’m not sure if A&E plans to renew. As a veteran, who is married to an Army retiree, this is a subject near and dear to my heart. If any of you know any bigwigs a the VA, I’d love to have my tax dollars spent on programs like this one. And since that surely won’t happen any time soon, it would be terrific if there were more groups like this across the country.

    Oooooooohhhhhhh raaaaaaaah. Enjoy.


  5. Rescue rehomes stray dog before family can reclaim. Includes sensationalized video of rescue with story that the dog was abandoned and a real estate agent fed the dog for weeks while seeking help. Dog was lost Sept 28, found by real estate agent on Oct 4, rescue took custody on Oct 5.

    “You know the Hope For Paws videos that go viral every few weeks showing “rescuer” Eldad Hagar – Extended Profile. wrangling some neglected and abandoned dog, making it over into a beautiful pet, and adopting it out to live happily ever after? Well did you know that he makes ZERO effort to see if these dogs are actually LOST not stray. One such video features a pomeranian dog that was lost by her loving owner on Sept 28th in South LA. Five days later on Oct 4th a real estate agent found the dog hiding on property where he was holding an open house. Rather than look for the owner or call animal control (as required by law) he called Hope For Paws who filmed a video, removed the dog, and immediately turned it over to another rescue group (Shelter Hope Pet Shop/ Kim Sill) outside of LA county and placed it for adoption. Then they released a video narrating a story about the dog being left behind when the home owner moved (untrue as the property had been owned and renovated by investors for a full year before the dog appeared in the yard) to tug at heart strings and request donations. The video has over 500,000 hits on you tube. The dog’s owner of SIX YEARS, Cynthia, has proof of ownership, had reported her lost with animal services and proof that she was searching endlessly for the dog. Needless to say Hope for Paws and the pet store Shelter Hope Pet Shop/ Kim Sill” is being totally uncooperative and hasn’t returned the dog. Its been a week of going back and forth and they keep giving this young girl the run around. A Facebook page was started to bring attention to this injustice and Eldad quickly contacted Cynthia telling her if she would take the page down that he’d give her the dog back (he obviously didn’t want the bad press). In good faith the page was taken down. Guess what? The dog hasn’t been retuned. Now they are telling Cynthia that she isn’t worthy of having her dog returned because it (supposedly) had worms. I’ve already contacted NBC News and the producer got back to me immediately wanting to run the story. However Cynthia is a nicer person than I am and is reluctant to go public. I know some of my rescue friends are close with Eldad. Maybe someone reading this will encourage him to do the right thing. Cynthia loves her dog. She may not be able to tote her around in a Louis Vuitton dog carrier (like the reported “wealthy new owner”) but its HER DOG. I’m a rescuer and animal advocate too but we have lost our way when we start stealing dogs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ymSxqtl5UQ


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