Treats on the Internets

The owner of a PA kennel which serves as a destination for shelter pets shipped from the south was cited by the state for failing to maintain humane conditions, not having health certificates on imported dogs, doing business with an unlicensed out of state dealer and other violations.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)


Australia – The government is investigating the North Melbourne Lost Dogs’ Home after numerous complaints about needless killing, including a lost dog called Fonzie whose owner called to reclaim him but the pound killed him anyway.  The money quote, from chair Dr. Andrew Tribe:

Dr Tribe said the incident was a “lesson for all of us to register and identify our dogs better”.

And not to be outdone, Lost Dogs’ Home has announced it will also investigate itself.  (Thanks Kerry.)


The death of 23 dogs at an Arizona boarding facility last year has been receiving new attention from sports media outlets recently as one of the owners whose pets died there plays for a team in the Super Bowl.  (Thanks Arlene.)


New research at Kansas State University may lead to a change in the way pets whose vaccines are overdue and who are exposed to rabies are handled in future.  Basically, vaccinating a pet whose rabies vaccine has expired boosts immunity sufficiently to avoid a six month quarantine or killing.  (Thanks Clarice.)


Three cotton-top tamarin monkeys, which weigh less than a pound, were left out in sub-freezing temperatures in a Louisiana zoo when their caretaker “overlooked” the endangered animals.  Two of the three froze to death.  The caretaker resigned.


A photo from the Montgomery Co shelter in TX proves why the haters who refuse to adopt pets to the elderly are so wrong.  (Thank you Lisa.)


In case of emergency, this gif.

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