Treats on the Internets

Case update:  Following an investigation of what appears to be a botched do-it-yourself cat neuter at the Lee Co pound in SC, the solicitor’s office declined to press charges against the pound director, Doris Winstead, citing lack of evidence.  Winstead reportedly resigned from her job last month.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)


Case update:  After a video showing starving dogs eating another dog at the Idabel pound in Oklahoma went viral, a rescuer from Tulsa went to the pound to pull 7 dogs.  Despite learning that the pound has no cleaning protocols in place, the rescuer told the local news that the place just needs a new paint job and the dead dog wasn’t being so much “eaten” as he was being “licked”.  Aw.  Enablers, so soft and fuzzy.  There are still dogs at the Idabel pound and the police chief says the sole ACO will keep his job.  (Thanks Clarice.)


Jerry Strong, an ACO at the Memphis pound, has been charged with rape.  After the charges were reported by local media, more women came forward to accuse Strong of rape and the city of Memphis with covering up their complaints.  Strong has worked in past as a Memphis police officer and a security guard for the public school system.  Allegations of sexual misconduct have followed him everywhere as the city has passed him from department to department.  Strong is still working at MAS, on desk duty.  (Thanks to everyone who sent me this story.)


If you volunteer at a public shelter and have been forced to sign an agreement that you won’t speak out about what you see there on threat of being banned, you should know that the agreement has all the legal value of toilet paper and you might like to use it accordingly.  The latest judge to say so was in a Maryland case:

[T]he “opportunity to serve as a volunteer or partner with a government organization” as a rescuer is a constitutionally protected benefit and that volunteers and rescuers have “the right to exercise constitutionally protected free speech, free of a state actor’s retaliatory adverse act.”

Any questions?  (Thank you Jan.)


Local animal advocates call Putnam Co Animal Control in Florida a “death camp” where more than a third of the animals are killed by heartstick.  The county says nobody wants to kill animals and blah.  (Thanks Clarice.)


Inconceivable:  Three million years ago, South America had rodents of unusual size who used their front teeth teeth like an elephant uses his tusks.

6 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. You know, some day we’ll look back on some of these and think, “Wow, what was going on with society in those days? How could people behave like that?” It’s just a damn shame that today is not that day.

    MAS rapist – oh, what a surprise. MAS is known for hiring the cream of the crop as it is, am I right? Hey – next election, if Wharton gets voted out of office, can we have an online party to celebrate?

    1. When a local reporter reached out to MAS director Rogers for comment on Strong, Rogers said something like “Nothing to do with MAS” which is appalling. Assuming Strong is on “desk duty” in some capacity where he interacts with women (and I can’t imagine there is any administrative job at MAS which operates in isolation), the charges absolutely have everything to do with Rogers and MAS. Rogers needs to perform due diligence in protecting potential victims from this man.

      1. Rogers needs to suspend this scumbag and do every single thing he can to get him fired, but that won’t happen because 1) Rodgers is also a scumbag, with the conscience of … well, no conscience at all, obviously, and 2) that would require empathic thought, which is something Rogers is obviously incapable of, and 3) it would also require a level of productive work that Rogers is obviously incapable of. In fact, Rogers should wear a button with “Yes, I’m obviously incapable” printed on it. Truth in advertising, don’tcha know.

      2. He not only has access to women, but to their addresses, contact info, etc. And someone else asked if he had ever been sent out to “fence check” – can you imagine what a chance that is for a sexual predator? To be able to wear a badge and scope out living situations of people? The fact that Rogers thinks it has nothing to do with MAS means he’s either an idiot or an enabler. Or both.

  2. The fact that the Tulsa Humane Society thinks everything can be fixed in the dog eating case with a coat of paint and some bleach is indicative of how far and deep the dysfunction in OK is. Seems to me the Tulsa HS needs a investigation as well.

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