Treats on the Internets

Case Update:  Despite a city appointed committee finding “clear and convincing evidence” that Louisville Metro Animal Services neglected a dog named Sadie causing her months of suffering before she was finally euthanized, prosecutors have declined to file any charges, citing lack of evidence.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

A sad turn of events in Minnesota following the resignation of Animal Ark executive director Mike Fry:  the new director is proposing an end to the shelter’s long standing no kill policies and making a bid to start killing animals.  (Thanks Arlene.)

The Lawton Animal Shelter in Oklahoma is under investigation by the state Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners after two dogs starved to death at the facility.  (Thanks Clarice.)

Wally Barber, a recently retired ACO in Snohomish Co, Washington was reportedly confronted by a police officer responding to a complaint of a neglected goat on Barber’s property.  After the police officer left, Barber shot the goat in the head and buried her.  Barber, a 30 year veteran of AC, has been charged with animal cruelty and a gun violation.  (Thanks Clarice.)

The link between domestic violence and animal cruelty can not be overstated:  studies indicate that 48 percent to 71 percent of battered women have pets who have been hurt or killed by the woman’s abuser.  Law enforcement and prosecutors need to take animal cruelty cases more seriously.

Two Fort Worth police officers came across a little dog loose on the interstate so they shut down the freeway then coaxed the dog into their squad car with a treat.  The dog was later adopted.  (Thanks Barb.)

Possible vacation destination:  Japan has a fox sanctuary with over 100 foxes roaming around and the public can pay to hang with the animals.  (Thanks Arlene.)

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  1. I just received this email from Animal Ark:

    As you may or may not have heard, Animal Ark has received some negative, yet false press recently. When these attacks began, we chose to take the high road and focus our time and effort on our #1 goal…helping the animals. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to thwart these negative attacks it has become apparent that we need to respond and share with you the truth.
    Please know that our focus has been and will continue to be…the animals. These are the faces we care most about and we wish that others would focus their time and energy on them too vs. engaging in negative and false accusations.
    Animal Ark will always be a no-kill shelter.
    Our bylaws state that we are.
    Our staff, board and volunteers are committed to both the policy and the practice.
    Our board-approved policy written last November and approved in December has been on our website and available as a live link in our last email news blast. To show that we walk our talk, our Live Release Rate to close out 2014 was 98.6%.
    The accusations that we are moving to low-kill are not only absurd, they are malicious, and we ask all of you to rest assured that no changes are in store.
    Animal Ark continues to pay Marlene Foote’s pension.
    Pensions are a highly regulated area of the law. To ensure the board was acting legally under “ERISA”, the board had an ERISA specialist review certain agreements. Marlene Foote, the former board president, was notified that this review was going on. No irregularities were found. We continue to pay the pension.
    Marlene Foote and Mike Fry were not forced to resign.
    Another rumor is that Marlene was fired. Not true. Mike resigned after his attempt to get the board to fire his mother, Marlene, failed. The board, fatigued with the family drama and needless distraction from our work for the animals, gladly accepted his resignation. We stand firm on what took place and the letters they wrote to showcase their intent are on file and copies are available upon written request. All of us who want Animal Ark to succeed should be supportive of this board in accepting these resignations as being a smart first move to getting Animal Ark back on track.
    The board acted appropriately with all actions taken at the annual meeting.
    An independent CPA was hired to oversee the election. The fact is this: To be legal, the board needed to follow the only set of by-laws approved in 1977; they are official. These by-laws do not allow email ballots (this practice was obviously not contemplated in 1977) or proxy ballots (stated boldly and simply). We followed our by-laws in getting notifications out more than 30 days via U.S. postage before the date…. all planned and approved under Marlene’s direction. The board was never at a level of three members, as was erroneously reported, as well. We had attorneys review our actions before the annual meeting and after the meeting, and Animal Ark stands firm in the legality of the board’s actions. Any accusations made prior to the meeting or since are desperate falsehoods not worthy of consideration.
    We are so grateful for your contributions to Animal Ark, the first and largest no-kill shelter in Minnesota and we ask you to continue to support Animal Ark by adopting, volunteering and donating (and don’t forget to shop our fantastic thrift store!). These irresponsible and cowardly attacks are doing nothing to help the animals. If you hear any further negative comments about Animal Ark, please forward this email to them so they know the truth.

    Thank you!

    The Animal Ark Board of Directors

    1. TY. I just checked the linked article again and there is no clarification or retraction to update the story. Therefore it would seem the reporter is standing by her work at this time. She does note in the article that she reached out to Animal Ark for comment but got none. In the quoted letter above they say they were going to take the high road. If a reporter approached me and said something like “Any comment on your plans to start killing animals?”, I would not consider “No comment” to be interpreted as taking the high road. In fact, I would absolutely set the record straight if my plan was to continue to save animals. I have no inside information on where the truth lies in this story but developments have been unsettling to say the least.

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