10 thoughts on “Name That Animal

  1. Mantis shrimp… these are VERRRRY cool critters. Compared to a mantis, a lobster (also a crustacean) is about as smart as a box of hammers.

    Mantis have the ability to learn and remember; they have the fastest known voluntary muscle movement of any animal (5 ms), can see into the ultraviolet spectrum, have
    TRI-nocular vision … truely an awesome critter.

    We used to catch a different species (Hemisquilla californiensis) in San Diego Bay. Those get up to 15″ long. Beautiful…

  2. Peacock mantis shrimp. Not only gorgeous, it packs a serious wallop with those smashers ~ that’s the scientific term for those front appendages ~ and has one of the most intricately complex visual systems in the known animal kingdom.


    This is a mantis shrimp. From this animal’s Wiki page:

    Called “sea locusts” by ancient Assyrians, “prawn killers” in Australia[5] and now sometimes referred to as “thumb splitters” – because of the animal’s ability to inflict painful gashes if handled incautiously[6] – mantis shrimps sport powerful claws that they use to attack and kill prey by spearing, stunning, or dismemberment. In captivity, some larger species are capable of breaking through aquarium glass with a single strike.[7]

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