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    1. Whats the “Lost Dog Registry of Minnesota”? That all by itself ought to prove they were looking for the dogs…..

      and honestly, if they can prove the dogs are theirs, and there was no PROOF of abuse…..why is it such a big deal to return them to their owners?? Oh wait, its more effective to whine about not having enough homes for all the dogs so people will donate money…..

      1. It’s a FB page. But don’t you know animal owners are supposed to check *every* AC in the country on the daily basis when their pet go missing?!?!?! Otherwise they do *not* love or deserve their animals back! /sarcasm

        Basically, it is boiling down to the “rescue” looking down on animals living in the country and the people who own them there. They don’t think they’re good enough to have them. The dogs were wearing collars when they were found, they’re all mum as far as if the tags were still there.

        Honestly, it is outfits like this that made me get out of being active in rescue. BBDs are literally dying every single day for want of space in rescue and home. These fools are not only killing two more that could have the place of these, they are driving people away from rescue as a whole. Who in their right minds wants to donate to a system that steals pets from their families? And further, who wants to adopt a dog who is already owned?

        I personally know not all groups are like this, but John Q. Public doesn’t.

      2. Oh, and the dogs were not neutered. That is the eighth deadly sin to groups like this.

  1. Quick Reminder, the American Pets Alive conference is coming up on Feb 20-22, 2015 in Austin, Texas. It will walk through how to create the same programs that helped make Austin a No-Kill leader. Here is a video that explains what will be covered: http://bit.ly/1CuNQiA. Registration and more details here: http://bit.ly/1zE4vyn. We’ll look forward to seeing those of you who can make it.

    What I like most about it (besides the useful hands-on information) is the uplifting environment and the shared struggles. There are people who utter many similar stories to what is being shared on this blog. There are others who have come through the other side successfully. Everyone is learning from each other (and many are there are saving pets during and in-between presentations.)

    For any questions, please email – info@americanpetsalive.org . Thanks for saving lives!

  2. Shirley – I am disturbed by this post on examiner.com (and it started on Urgent Dogs of Miami yesterday, where I argued about the judgement displayed by so many). Why should all this judgement be publicized, and the dog even IDENTIFIED?? First, look at the nice harness and leash on the dog -NOT indicative of an unloved dog. Second, we do not know the circumstances. Third, most of the general public has NO IDEA that shelters are not real ‘shelters’, and do not know where else to turn. Fourth – we DESPERATELY need multi-faceted intervention programs like Downtown Dog Rescue (which I saw today is expanding – hooray!). http://www.examiner.com/pet-rescue-in-national/cheryl-hanna

  3. The stretch of SD where the labs went missing is huge in scope of miles between miles. Most of the farmers there actually send their kids into town to be boarded during the school year as the distance is so great. I doubt there are many “Shelters”. I see a major fail here on many sides. One the dogs should have some ID- preferably a chip. The HS that was contacted -questions I have for them – did they do everything they could to steer the owners to possible other resources where the dogs could be found? The SO could certainly send something in the mail about where to find lost animals.
    And finally – I know farmers in this area. They work from before sun up to after sun down. Hard work and hours most Americans dont have a clue about nor could they do it. February is extremely harsh – not sure if it’s lambing or calving season but these farmers may never get back home to call these “shelters” agencies during business hours. That’s why the on line registration. There is NO cell service in the back 1000 or anywhere usually at all- major fail on the governments promise of broad band to the last mile too.
    Just major fails all the way around.

    1. The owners say they had on collars and tags when they were lost, and they were found wearing collars. The HS and “rescue” won’t say anything regarding tags. FYI: Cody from the SPDR case was found wearing a collar and tag with current information, the AC and rescue still didn’t contact his owner.

      I’ve spent a good portion of my life in rural Georgia. Not the midwest, but there are similarities. Microchipping only became available where I lived within the last five years, I had to take my animals to a city two hours away to get theirs. Local vets didn’t have it because no one around had the means to scan for it, there were no ACs for over an hour with the scanners. And everyone knew one another and their dogs. If someone found a lost pet, it was easy to figure out where it lived without tags at all (most did have them). I can very easily see it being the same case where these dogs came from.

      Something else, I’ve been looking for a particular breed for a while now. One rescue I applied to turned me down flat once they saw my zip code. The representative who spoke to me said no one where I lived could take care of a dog properly. I’m not a farmer, my dogs live a life pretty much like any city dog would, except with a much larger yard. But this group looked down on anyone who lives in a rural area. This is not uncommon anymore by a long shot.

  4. Shame on the rescue for not returning the black labs. They have family. It is tough in these very rural areas to find lost dogs. I’ve been a rescue to whom a “lost” rural dog was delivered. I was sure he was not but HIS family never searched for him. I posted him all over. An aunt finally saw his photo front and center on my Petfinder site and notified his owner. She brought documentation but all I needed was seeing his response to her. Shame, shame.

  5. Time to check in on peta again. They have an action alert to try and get their “supporters” to contact legislators in VA to vote against the bill that will take away their ability to wantonly kill. Here is the contact information for a blogger who has links for contacting VA legislators:
    Shirley, maybe it’s time to do another informational piece on this bill and peta???

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