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  1. The American Pets Alive conference is going on. Today, I learned about how the Canine Good Citizen training is increasing adoptions, decreasing returns and decreasing length of stay (from 170 days to 41) for blocky head type dogs. Maddie’s Fund is recording all of the presentations and will have them on their website shortly. This is a great one to watch when it is available: https://www.facebook.com/americanpetsalive/posts/870495739676600

    1. No doubt – they are in trouble with the VA voters and they know it. Cupcakes aren’t going to get them out of it this time.

      1. The account in this is markedly altered from that in earlier news articles, too. Mind, I expect news stories to change over time as more is learned, but in this case … it’s like Nachminovitch is describing a different sequence of events.

      2. Well, it’s very nice to see that the vast majority of comments are calling PeTA out on being sorry that they were caught, rather than being sorry they killed a little girl’s dog…

        I can only wonder how different the story would be if that family didn’t have a camera installed…

      3. It would be like it is for the families of the other dogs they stole and slaughtered that day, ignored. Maya wasn’t the only one stolen that day, she was just the one where is proof she was *not* “straying” when grabbed by the butchers. The other dogs referenced weren’t “strays” at all. There is just no legal proof that they were the pets that went missing that day. You know they destroyed the remains and collars after Maya’s story broke, even if they hadn’t before.

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