Martin Co Pound Director Fired and Arrested

Martin Co Animal Control on Landfill Road in Williamston, NC is open from 8:30 – 10:00 am and 3:30 – 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  The website says, with a straight face:

The Martin County Animal encourages animal adoption. […] Please come by during the hours above to consider pets for adoption.

There do not appear to be any listings for lost or adoptable pets on the website.

In 2013, Martin Co AC took in close to 1400 dogs and cats, killing 67% of them. That year, Henley “Pete” Brock was promoted by the county from Lead ACO to Director of the pound.

On February 9, 2015, Brock allegedly attempted to kill a cat then placed the pet in a freezer. The animal was found alive the next morning. Three days later, Brock allegedly attempted to kill another cat then left the facility. An ACO found the pet still alive and brought the animal to a vet where he was re-killed. The first cat is reportedly still alive. The NC Department of Agriculture has suspended Brock’s kill license while it investigates.

An agriculture department spokesman said they have also notified other authorities of possible missing narcotics at the animal shelter. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office referred questions back to the county manager on whether they were also conducting an investigation.

Based upon Brock’s alleged failure to lock up and account for the controlled substances used to kill animals as well as the two botched attempts at cat killings, Martin Co fired Brock. Sounds like he took it well:

WITN News has learned that Brock was arrested today by deputies on a charge of communicating threats. The victim was a former co-worker of Brock’s, according to deputies.

Brock has bonded out of jail. I hope once the state’s (and possibly the county sheriff’s) investigation is complete, all applicable criminal charges related to Brock’s activities at the pound will be brought. Right now, he is not charged with any animal-related crimes.  And I’m not holding my breath while waiting.

Respectful letters demanding a complete and transparent investigation into all possible criminal activities at the Martin Co pound may be sent to:

Do better, Martin Co.  On everything.

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7 thoughts on “Martin Co Pound Director Fired and Arrested

  1. Compassion fatigue! He LOVES animals, that’s why he took the job! Overwhelmed because the irresponsible public! Not trained properly! Not enough money for the shelter! No community support! Really just a good guy trying his best!!!1!

    I wonder if MAS is hiring – this guy sounds perfect for them. Abusing coworkers and animals, promoted for no apparently reason – that’s right up their alley.

  2. A lot more is going to surface about this guy. I would love to think this is an isolated case but we all know its far from it. 1 down, how many to go? SYSTEM REFORM!

  3. I don’t get it. This asshole is hired to “kill” animals. Killing any living, breathing person is punishable by imprisonment/capital punishment in our country. Where in the hell is it ever acceptable to do that to an animal unless severe illness/irremediable injury suffering are occuring?They took his “license to kill” away. He shouldn’t have been licensed to kill to begin with. This individual is just another class one screw up found all too commonly in shelters working with sentient beings, who himself should be institutionalized.

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