13 thoughts on “Open Thread

    1. From your second link – “Last year, Norfolk-based PETA took in 3,031 animals, most of them sick, suffering, dying or aggressive. PETA workers moved 312 to other shelters. They found homes for 162. They euthanized 2,454 – 500 of which were brought in by their owners for that purpose.”

      Um, no. Most of them were not sick, suffering, dying, or aggressive. Unless you call lost or homeless “suffering”.

      So, so tired of PeTA’s BS and the news outlets that swallow it.

      1. Agreed. It’s amazing to see the editorial board so transparently take on this issue without also taking the time to research and build a logical argument.

    1. Hope the “good guys” can get all of the dogs safely out of that place. Why are the police and animal welfare folks not doing their job? I hope the lawyer who has taken this on is successful and that the pups make it out alive.

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