AZ Rescue Owner Charged with Felony Cruelty

Scott William Beadles and his wife reportedly operate a tax-exempt rescue called Furry Smiles in Buckeye, AZ.  On January 12, Beadles went to a Petsmart to pick up some kennels belonging to Furry Smiles and told an employee that his pitbull had gotten into a fight with a maltipoo at his home and that he’d killed the maltipoo:

The report stated that Beadles does not own a gun so he “put it out of its misery” by kicking and stomping its head.

The employee apparently notified police. With any luck, this is the most disturbing thing you’ll read today:

The employee told police that Beadles said the small dog was whimpering and trying to crawl to him when he decided to stomp its head until it was dead, according to the statement.

The Beadles’ landlord found the tiny dog’s remains in a trash can on the property.  A necropsy on the dog found puncture wounds and numerous fractures of the skull.

Beadles was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty.

I wonder how many hoops applicants have to jump through in order to be approved to adopt a pet from Furry Smiles.

(Thanks Clarice for sending me this story.)

10 thoughts on “AZ Rescue Owner Charged with Felony Cruelty

  1. RIP angel. What an awful way to die. I hope the responsible people are punished to the fullest extent of the law . . . and then some. And their license to run a rescue ought to be rescinded, too. Just shameful!

  2. I wonder if this *sshole was using the little dog as bait to train his pit bull. Either way he’s demented and should be locked up. Breaks my heart.

  3. I wonder how many other animals he has “put out of their misery”. Why are there so many sick people attracted to animal rescue and sheltering?

    1. The pit bull did not kill the dog. The pit bull got in a fight with it and injured it so Beadles is the one who killed it “to put it out of its misery.”

  4. ‘I don’t have a gun so I’ll have to stomp on it?’ I am guessing that he also doesn’t have a car so he could take the poor dog to a vet.

  5. He’s not a freaking rescue and he is NOT a vet. A rescue would have wrapped that baby in a blanket and rushed it to the vet.
    I hope the animal advocates take care of him and his wife once they get their obligatory hand slap from the justice system.

  6. I am in the midst of trying to get a local no kill to mend its ways re: animal care. What bothers me, too, in addition to the heinous cruelty of this person, is he will no doubt retain his 501c3 status. The NFL is 501c3, for goodness sake. How can this status be removed with crimes or wrongdoing by shelters and rescues?

  7. @ Roberta: “How can this status be removed with crimes or wrongdoing by shelters and rescues?”

    I am not an attorney but my understanding of the 501c3 status is that it is created as a non-profit corporation. Therefore it is overseen by a board of directors and no one individual is responsible legally for it. However, it seems obvious that if Beadles is found guilty of a felony he could no longer be on the board (assuming he is). If he is not on the board then it would be up to the BOD to release him from his “duties”. As you insinuated, the NFL is a non profit as well so well… if rapists, wife abusers, animal abusers and other criminals can play football then I guess Beadles can continue “rescuing” animals until a court directs otherwise. After all, these people do have rights!! :)

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