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The director of the Rowan Co pound in NC says the facility can never become no kill.  An enabler explains that Rowan Co is in the stupidsouth while in utopianorth, they have no problems because magical spay-neuter.  (Thanks Lisa for the link.)

A veterinarian at the Cherryland HS in MI says the unlicensed employee who injected a kitten with Fatal Plus and put him in the freezer did everything right, despite the lack of license and the fact that another employee found the kitten alive inside a bag.  The vet blames the state for not telling him he needed to have his kill techs licensed.  (Thanks Clarice for the links.)

A complaint filed with the Oregon Department of Justice alleges that a pet charity has been fundraising for abused animals it doesn’t have, including in one case, a deceased puppy.  The charity’s founder says the complaint was filed by someone who is just jealous because she created National Cat Day (Alert:  There is a National Cat Day, apparently.)  Also:  stalking, smear campaign and stuff.  (Thanks Jan.)

Some dumbass brought his dog to a skate park in Beaverton, Oregon and let him run loose.  When the dog failed to respond to a voice command, the guy hurled the dog 15 feet onto the concrete pad, causing him to go lame.  Police charged him with abuse and say he works at a doggie daycare, but they don’t know which one.  I’m totally huh because I thought only animal lovers get jobs working with animals.

A carpenter at a San Francisco construction site took a raccoon who had been trapped by exterminators and set him free.  The employer wanted the raccoon killed and fired the carpenter for stealing.

A special agent from the DEA testified to a Utah senate panel that if the state approves medicinal use of marijuana for patients meeting certain guidelines, bunnies will get baked.  (Thanks Nathan.)

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  1. The story on the scam in Oregon is now two years old. However, the two websites are still active … and The lady runs a scam. She collects money for ailing kitties but doesn’t send all the money. Sounds like HSUS-lite.

    1. Thank you. I try so hard to catch old stories (which I get frequently) but I missed this one. I wonder what the result of the complaint was, if any.

      1. TY. It says in order to get the state to close the investigation she agreed to shut down the charity and not solicit donations for 5 years. I wonder how (or even if) that could be monitored.

  2. I’ve been trying to talk to the construction company that employed Mr. Sutton (the guy who released the raccoon) since the story broke on Monday, so far they’re saying the person who handles such things is still out of town and will be so until next week. I think they’re hoping if they put the public off long enough we’ll just go away but they’re wrong :) They say he stole the trap but seriously, they’re just pissed that we now know they’re idiots with no hearts.

    And what is even more disturbing than the articles you’ve posted are the comments at the bottom of each article. There are ALWAYS enablers out there, aren’t there? Sigh.

    1. I usually don’t read the comments (except on this blog of course) because they so often seem to be willfully ignorant and/or hateful. Many sites have disabled comments because it is such a hassle to monitor but I think that’s unfortunate.

  3. The SF Chronicle has more info on the racoon case:

    One aspect of that article that’s got me wondering … there’s a statement:

    One thing that’s clear is that the company hired to destroy the raccoon was acting within the law. Under state law, nonnative animals that are damaging property or crops can be legally trapped and euthanized by licensed companies.

    … is this a misunderstanding, a misprint, or are some of those involved actually trying to make the claim that racoons are nonnative to northern California?!!

    1. Just having a guess: Exterminators deem everything they can get paid to catch and kill “non-native” in the way that pound staff and their enablers use the word “euthanize” – it makes it more palatable to the masses and keeps them from being charged with crimes.

  4. Rowan recently established an animal advisory task force (that will consist of 3 meetings total – that’s not even the good part of this story). At the first meeting this past week, Mr. Martin stated that he was against a volunteer program because previously volunteers, employees and inmates (who are brought over from the prison to help at the shelter) were having sex and apparently he was unable to stop it. So his inability to properly manage people is an acceptable excuse to deny the public from volunteering and helping to save more lives. You can’t make this stuff up.

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