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      1. Tumble dry, with a nice warm towel. Though many I’ve raised have liked sponge drying too, as in, ‘Let me drip sullenly on your lap.’

      1. It’s the difference between that cool, outdoorsy, fresh breeze smell and the nice, warm, softness from a lavender scented dryer sheet!

    1. Ick. Soooooo, they have animals for adoption on the fourth floor, eh? News to me. I’d love to see the adoption application…

    2. What I’ve seen so far in terms of their damage control, in addition to the AltDaily piece, is a pro-PETA editorial in the Virginian-Pilot in late February, titled “Taking Aim at PETA’s Work,” which I can’t access anymore because I don’t subscribe, and a piece in the Washington Post on March 11th:


      The WaPo piece is actually a wire service piece, from Religion News Service, but it ran locally (in my view, since people all over Maryland and Virginia read the WaPo as their national paper). So it seems pretty clear this PR surge is an effort at changing opinions in Virginia, where people are fed up with them and know what they actually do behind their image. But the fact that one of the pieces is from a wire service suggests that we may also see something from the AP — it would be pretty easy for them to cultivate the Virginia bureau editors and reporters and persuade them to run one of these pieces that say “It seems contradictory, but actually their killing is a good thing.”

      Anything the AP wrote about this would likely appear in a number of news outlets nationwide. That could be both good and bad. Good, because more people will be introduced to the facts of what PETA actually does, and commenters can extend the discussion. Bad, because the organization will have yet another forum where they can make their case and present their killing wrapped up in a fuzzy pink blanket with a bunny on top.

      In the meantime, fortunately, they’re getting pounded in the WaPo and AltDaily comments.

    3. The thing I find heartening about the PETA article is the number of comments condemning it. For every “great article” comment, there are several replies to the contrary. People are waking up.

      1. I think Maya finally woke a lot of people up to just how sick PETA is. Maya was a cute, healthy, young dog of a highly desirable breed who belonged to a little girl. I don’t think they could have picked a worse case to get caught on if they tried. When it went viral, other information with it.

        PETA also didn’t help their cause when they ignored everything for six months. They thought buying of the CA would be the end of it. Now they have a law aimed at putting them out of the killing business passing through the VA legislator. And it is because of Maya.

  1. I know many people have said they tried to get an application from them in the past, but never received a response.

    Were their “policies” ignored when they got healthy, “perfect” (their own word), and adoptable animals under false pretenses just to kill and toss into grocery store dumpsters? And we’re they violated when they argued that those animals were garbage when they wanted to get their workers out of their conviction?

    And there were *two* women who stole and murdered Maya. The video proves it. Their statement says it was one. That right there proves it is a lie. And that’s the best they could come up with after six mon the.

  2. This man is fighting for his dog who was stolen by his dog sitter while he was deployed:


    Some details that this article leaves out: The dog sitter has lied from the beginning. She said Zara ran away (after a “deer or something”) and led everyone on a wild goose chase for over a year. The money raised was going towards flyers and advertisement trying to get her back. Jon actually said the search was becoming too painful and donated what was left to Dogs on Deployment. He is not making any money from this. And the new fundraiser was set up before the free legal services were offered to him. Even with a pro bono lawyer, there will still be court costs should this get that far.

    The aliagations of abuse only came up when Jon’s supports figured out Zara had been given away to someone in SC. Because now, she is deep legal doo doo in both states.

  3. Surprise surprise, PETA has been lying:


    They say the animals were owner surrenders on paperwork submitted to VDACS. I thought they were brought in for a stray problem. You know, because the neighbor’s cow was in danger from the strays! Someone please tell me how in the H*** four month old kittens, chihuahuas, and a six month old puppy are in any way shape or form capable of harming a cow.

    And also tell me how those animals were so unacceptable, they had to die within minutes.

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