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    1. Looks like an awesome cause. I donated $20 and shared on my Facebook page. I sincerely hope they get the funding they need. Docs like this (i.e. Blackfish, The Cove, etc) are what turn the tide of public opinion and get the masses motivated to instill change.

  1. Shared by a friend who saw it tweeted by @PhilJamesson — titled WHEN CATS ARE SAD:

    Bartender: What’ll ya have?
    Cat: Shot of rum.
    [Bartender pours it]
    [Cat slowly pushes it off the bar]
    Cat: Another.

  2. There is a documentary that is trying to get funding together on Indiegogo. It seeks to expose the ways in which shelter reform is hindered and stopped by the illegal silencing of volunteers who speak out against wrongful policies and actions. If they can get the movie funded it could be shown to many more people, bringing the subject out in the open. As some people here have mentioned, ‘Sunlight is a powerful disinfectant.’ Maybe a bigger post about this would be extra helpful. :-)


    1. That’s really good. It’s so horrible what the shitty ‘shelter’ did in killing all her cats & so egregious that their ‘vet’ hasn’t had a license to practice since 2002! I really hope this gets a lot of attention throughout the county and state and the rest of the country. It’s good precedent for others to follow and for pet owners who need to have ego-driven ‘shelter’ staff reined in and kept out of owner’s home without just cause.

  3. For the ‘pets are family’ files: Woman With A Hearing Loss Taught Her Deaf Cat Sign Language, Including The Word ‘Dance’

    One bit that attracted my attention:
    “Cats become much more interactive with people because they want to communicate,” Silva says. “Bobcat was a ‘pillow that ate’ before he learned sign. He interacted with other cats, but ignored people. After he learned sign at age 7 years, he became the extroverted show cat! My cats will also do tricks with other people who sign with them.”

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