Treats on the Internets

Case Update – The recently fired/charged with cruelty Martin Co pound director is suing to get his job back because: he wasn’t properly trained, his co-worker is a dummy and a druggie and the dog he shot in his cage was a monster pitbull owned by lowlifes.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

Case Update – The GA high school teacher who had students hold down two cats while he removed their testicles will not be charged and county residents are encouraged “to accept the incident as a learning experience”.  (Thanks Clarice.)

The Tri-Cities pound in WA saw its intake halved last year.  The director is completely clueless as to how that happened and apparently uninterested in finding out.  (Thanks Mary.)

A bill banning gas chambers in SC shelters has stalled in the House because legislators worry that implementing the bill would be too costly even though gassing is a more expensive killing method and shelters are already killing via injection anyway.

The Board of Health in Niagara Co, NY voted two months ago to support a TNR program to humanely manage and reduce the feral cat population.  The board recently voted unanimously to reverse its position after a vet on the board cited opposition to TNR from veterinary groups and the CDC.  (Thanks Arlene.)

Best Friends bought a gym in Kanab, UT.  (Thanks John.)

Plot Twist: Cop comes across loose pitbull, normal human behavior ensues.  (Thanks Anne.)

7 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. Again, what’s even more disturbing than the content of the article about what’s going on in Niagara NY are the comments on the article. One Mr. TNR Researcher has described what he does to animals in a way that ought to trigger an FBI investigation AND has commented on just about everyone else’s comment in that rabid style so similar to CL and her nonsense. I poked the troll just to see what he’ll do :) Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that MR. TNR is actually the vet who made up his own statistics to suit his own purposes. Wow, that’s just a whole lot of crazy in one package to plow through on a Monday morning!

    1. Loran, I read some of those comments, actually only one, enough to see that that is “Woody”, aka Woodsman 101, aka Nature Proponent, etc., etc. ad nauseam.

      1. MR. TNR responded to my post last night with a whole lot of vitriol. That person has some serious issues, from a lack of critical thinking skills to a lack of compassion and an affinity for blood and torture. I really hope someone in the area opens an investigation into that person.

    2. Loran, I should get you some links to some of his other comments. I guess his attacks fall under first amendment, free speech, yadda, yadda. Like all serial killers and such.

      1. I have some anonymous friends who are trying to figure out exactly who he is. I’ve reported his comments to the paper as violating their terms of service, I’ve reported him to Disqus for violating their terms of service and I’ve sent an email to a couple different law enforcement agencies. He’s admitted to promoting the torturing, maiming and killing of cats since he does it himself! Shoot, the day is still young, maybe I’ll write a note to the FBI, just a little heads up to them :)

  2. Thank you for including the Tri-City Animal Control (TCAC) in your column today.
    Also TCAC’s potentially dangerous dog/dangerous dog )PD/DA) ordinances are in violation of the U.S. Constitution, the Washington State Constitution, Washington State case law (see Downey v. Pierce County 165 Wn. App. 152 Nov 2011) and court rules.

    TCAC also has a contract with Washington State University – Veterinary School of Medicine (WSU-VSM) to send dogs and cats for surgery/research then their lives are ended (contract 4/16/93)

    Taxpayers paid for the director in the video to attend a 3-day seminar in Las Vegas entitled No More Homeless Pets in 2008 – one of the speakers teaching No Kill methods of sheltering was Nathan J. Winograd.

    I have recently asked again how many PD/DA notices have been issued to the Latino community (Pasco is approximately 60% Latino) The confiscated dogs may likely end up at WSU/VSM for research/surgery/experimentation. We continue to request documents and materials….basically where is the money going and to who and where are the animals going?

  3. I mis-typed the contract date – Washington State University – Veterinary School of Medicine (Pullman, Washington) has had a contract with Tri-City Animal Control Authority (Pasco, Washington) since April 16, 2003.

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