TN Pound Closed, Worker Suspended After Dog Found Alive in Freezer

Note:  You never know how images of a dead animal or a live animal who has been hurt, neglected, or otherwise abused will affect people.  Although I make an effort to avoid these images when possible, I have seen too many in the course of writing this blog.  Some are extremely graphic, others less so.  But for me, that is not the determining factor in how deeply these images affect me and to be honest, I don’t know what is.  It is likely a combination of things relating to the image and things unrelated (e.g. you’re having a bad day and then you see a photo of a pet someone hurt and you find it affects you more than you anticipated).  This is the reason I post warnings whenever I link to images that I think some people may find disturbing.  Because I have no way of judging how much each individual can stomach nor do I know in what context the images will be viewed.  Which is a long way of getting to:  The video linked in the post below may be disturbing to some readers.  Speaking for myself, I’ve seen far more graphic images but this one broke my heart, despite knowing the dog is still alive.  Use your discretion.


The Lauderdale Co pound in TN has been shut down by order of the mayor and one worker suspended after a dog was found alive in a freezer by a citizen last week.  The woman who found the dog was reportedly looking for the remains of a different dog when she noticed a vein pulsing on the pet.  She shot a brief video showing the dog’s pulse on his leg.  His body is crumpled up and squished like a dirty rag among the dead pets in what appears to be a chest type freezer.  The woman removed the living dog and shot another short video of him which shows he is extremely weak but his eyes are open.  She took him to a vet for care and named him Asher.  The vet reportedly found no evidence of sedatives or sodium pentobarbital in Asher’s system which led to the suspicion that he was placed in the freezer alive and left to suffer and die.

Asher, as shown on
Asher, as shown on

The woman who saved Asher was “too afraid to go on camera” because you know, everyone who works at a shelter is a kind-hearted animal lover and such. reports the Lauderdale Co pound “has a history of problems which include animal control officers shooting dogs and illegally putting dogs in a gas chamber.”

A rescuer told Fox13 that it’s too much work for pound staff to allow rescue groups to help save pets and “easier to throw an animal in the freezer or the incinerator.”  A woman who has lived across the street from the pound for years says she has witnessed abuse there, including starving dogs forced to cannibalize their kennel mates and caged dogs being sprayed full force with a hose.  No one paid by taxpayers to run the county would speak to the Fox13 reporter but the DA said the county sheriff’s department is investigating an allegation of animal cruelty at the pound.

Lauderdale Co leaders have called an emergency meeting for this afternoon regarding the pound.  There is reportedly someone tending to the animals while the facility is closed.  Assuming that person avoids torturing any pets, it will be a significant improvement.  It’s a low bar.  Hopefully Lauderdale Co leaders can clear it.

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11 thoughts on “TN Pound Closed, Worker Suspended After Dog Found Alive in Freezer

  1. If this is the aka…”Memphis Pound”, then, I have heard just too many horror stories about this place. Everyone in this place needs to be fired, once and for all. No benefits, no unemployment, no nothing. Asher truly has a guardian angel in the person who found, and rescued, him. He is a beautiful dog, and hopefully, will find a loving home. I have two rescues from our animal “shelter”. Believe me, they do know that they are rescued, because they are the most loving dogs we have ever had. If Asher needs a nice, warm, home, here in Florida, we would be happy to adopt him.

  2. I have to drive through TN next week and I swear, I will not buy gas, or food, or anything while in the state. I realize there are places that are trying, but honest-to-god, this is beyond horrendous. What a hellhole.

  3. JailNurse hit it right on the head,
    Immediately terminate the whole staff and start fresh with people who actually CARE ABOUT ANIMALS!
    As far as Asher, he is beautiful and lucky, he deserves to be placed in a loving home, such a noble looking dog. I pray we keep abreast of him and his fate.
    The person who put him in the freezer should have the same thing done to them.
    Thank you for doing what you do. I admire your strength and determination, don’t ever give up!

  4. This is horrendous. Everyone associated with that “shelter” needs to be fired with no benefits and prosecuted for animal cruelty. Citizens of that community RISE UP and demand better!

  5. Nepotism or the GOB network at its finest, or both. Lazy, stupid, and probably ugly as hell.

  6. “The Lauderdale County Animal Shelter will reopen Friday for business, but with limited hours. The reason? One of the employees is suspended while an internal and criminal investigation is underway.”

    The 15 minute meeting sounds like it was a waste of time. Lauderdale pound reminds me of MAS which is only 50 plus miles away.

  7. As much as I dislike big govere t I think this is similar to the Civil Rights federal laws that HAD to be passed to force changes by States that refuse to do the right thing. I think it is time that Federal laws be strengthened and enforced for taxpayer funded facilities.
    I wouldn’t know where to turn for this since the FDA and USDA etc have horrible track records themselves.
    This nation is so screwed……

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