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  1. In line with the beautiful piece from Brain Pickings that the image above links to, here are a couple of other Brain Pickings items, both about Jane Goodall:

    An animation/interview in which Jane discusses how she got interested in animals (Tarzan played a role) and how her ideas were first received by academics:


    And a review of an illustrated children’s book on the same subject, how her dream came to be and how she pursued it:


    Thanks, Shirley, for the Pablo Neruda link.

  2. In 2012, under investigation for unlawful practices, Stockton, CA poundmaster Pat Claerbout reached out to the very wealthy San Francisco SPCA for a partnership agreement. Sold to the public and donors as a lifesaving mentoring partnership, it actually gave the SF SPCA exclusive right of access to any animal in the Stockton pound, and gave the SF SPCA complete control over all communications. Three years later, despite the very effective PR (the only media stories in the last year or so are purely positive about Stockton/SF SPCA), statistics are still not made public, though in a newspaper story there is mention of the goal of an 80% live release rate for 2015. Stockton still doesn’t even have a real foster program and healthy animals are still routinely killed for time/space after only a few days, like this dog, taken in as part of a “cruelty case” and killed less than a week later.

    1. I saw this and decided to try something similar with a cat at our shelter -https://www.facebook.com/MedinaSPCA/photos/a.446660318307.221782.298290063307/10153237416233308/?type=1&theater

      She was a good candidate for it, I just wish we had a different background.

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