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Dog ID #276292 at the Memphis pound, as shown on Facebook.
Dog ID #276292 at the Memphis pound, as shown on Facebook.

This pet was submitted by Jody Fisher.  She says he is 8 years old and heartworm positive.  He appears to have a skin condition which needs to be treated.  He has until 4:45pm on Saturday, April 11.

Dog ID #276292 at the Memphis pound, as shown on Facebook.
Dog ID #276292 at the Memphis pound, as shown on Facebook.

Memphis city pound
2350 Appling City Cove
Memphis, TN 38133
(901) 636-PAWS (7297)

The Memphis pound had a 50% kill rate in 2014.

21 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. The Memphis shelter doesn’t have his picture on Pet Harbor. He is listed but it says “No Image Available.”

    1. It’s hard enough for a senior heartworm+ dog with a skin condition to get adopted without MAS failing to even post a photo for the poor dog. Photos are how people fall in love with shelter pets. Photos move people. It’s such a simple thing. Thank goodness for the irresponsible public, as usual.

  2. Thank you Shirley for posting this sad old man! And thank you Ona for letting us know about the PH picture (or lack of). I plan to visit him tonight after work. I have been told by some rescue friends that have met him that he is sweet as sugar, very laid back, and submissive. I hope all that sees this will share. Thank you!! Also, there has been an offer by a very kind person to pay for his heartworm treatment – I will get the person’s info to be doubly sure!

  3. I will help contribute for vet care if he can be taken from the pound. I can send a check via snail mail.

  4. 50% kill rate. Must be more of that “marching on excellence” that Rogers talked about…

  5. Mary Frances – That is a very kind offer and thank you! Let’s see who and when he is free and will put you in touch with the proper parties……hoping he gets adopted SOON!

  6. I will contribute too! I am leaving tonight for a trip & can’t get to a computer again until Monday afternoon, but please let us know that he made it out and where to send donations. He looks so sweet and sad – I wonder how he got there and I really, really want to have him live the rest of his days with dignity and love.

  7. Count me in too for contributing to this beautiful buddy
    He deserves so much more than he has been given,

  8. I’ll be checking in and let me (us) know. Mr. Laid back and sweet as sugar. I want to help.

  9. Tunica Humane Society wants to pull this dog but needs a FOSTER! Please share for a foster!

  10. It appears that Tunica Humane Society is pulling this sweet guy and has a foster in place. The power of sharing and networking is amazing! I will get information from THS on where people can contribute to his vetting and post here.
    I met him last night at MAS – he was shaking in his kennel, but once he got to get out, shaking stopped and bless his heart, christened the walls at MAS – that leg stayed hiked for hours (or so it seemed). He definitely was someone’s pet as he arrived with an embedded collar, which was removed. Also, his kennel was spotless , which explains the wall (heehee)….he’s going to make someone a wonderful companion!

  11. Ruth – he really isn’t THAT big – but would definitely need an extra large dog bed (or twin human bed :) )….85 lbs of love!

  12. Pulled today and settling in at his new foster home. You can see his freedom ride photos (well, his I’m outta there photos–not in the vehicle yet) on Tunica Humane’s fb page. He looks better already!

  13. Thank you Jody – thank you Shirley – I will mail a check by mail today. To: THS PO Box 236 Tunica, MS 38676 – Should I just call him Mr. Sweet as Sugar?

  14. Soldier or Soldar (in Spanish) is the name of the dog I have been defending for nearly 3 years. Coincidence. Thank you – sending the check this evening.

  15. Got back from my trip (didn’t spend one single penny in Tennessee) and will mail my check for Soldier tomorrow morning. Thanks to all who got him out of shitty MAS!

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