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  1. Clarice

     /  April 11, 2015

    “In a number of cities across the country, animal control agencies are aggressively going after pet owners with big fines for small violations. Some hold people’s pets until they settle their bills, even if it means they end up killed. Others leave the dogs alone but issue arrest warrants for owners who can’t pay up.”

  2. Just an FYI that I am having major computer problems at home and doing my best to keep up. But if you notice anything unusual (which is a broad category, I admit), that’s your likely explanation.

  3. This pair of ears just popped up on my Twitter feed and it looks like there is a super friendly dog attached to them. San Bernardino pound in CA:


    There is an amendment working its way through the process that will affect the owners of animals that are seized for SUSPECTED cruelty or neglect.

    The amendment will allow the courts to “auction, donate to a shelter, or humanely destroy” any animal seized under PROBABLE CAUSE, BEFORE you as the owner get your day in court. And If you’re found not guilty your animal will not be returned to you.

    If the court decides to NOT allow one of the above they can ALSO require you as the owner of the animal to pay a bond or security, potentially repeatedly, to cover the costs of holding your animal. Although the amendment states that if you’re found not guilty the funds will be returned to you, FAILURE to pay those moneys in the first place will result in forfeiture of your pets, regardless of the final court result.

    Text of the proposed amendment:

    the amendment’s current status:

  5. Mary

     /  April 15, 2015

    This pregnant dog was killed by Sumter County, FL, yesterday with unborn puppies in her, despite the fact they had 70 empty kennels available and there was a rescue commitment to take the dog.



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