Treats on the Internets

Animal control in Roswell, NM picked up a stolen, microchipped dog whose owner was looking for her but failed to contact the owner.  Instead, AC put the dog on the kill list.  The owner, who lives 200 miles away, was able to redeem her pet thanks to rescuers who posted the dog’s photo on Facebook.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

The manager of the Hawkins Co Humane Society in TN is seeking forfeiture of 16 dogs and 2 birds after staff “rescued” them from their home.  The owners were critically injured in a car accident and have been hospitalized.  Now their animals are being stolen.  (Thanks Adrianne.)

BSL in Salina, Kansas trying to break up another family as owner vows to fight for all local families that include pitbulls.  (Thanks Lis and Anne for the links.)

Case Update:  The vet at the Franklin Co pound in Ohio who allegedly mishandled dogs in order to fail them on behavioral tests so he could kill them has quit his job.  (Thanks Clarice.)

The irresponsible public wanted to help a lost, starving dog in the Washington mountains but had to think outside the box when hot dog lures failed.  They were successful and are now trying to find the dog’s owner.  (Thanks Mary.)

How dogs sniff and why they get so much information from it.

3 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. The comments on the Roswell, NM thread indicate that the shelter not only doesn’t scan for chips, they won’t call owners if a dog comes in with tags on. That is heinous.

    So glad that the vet at the Franklin Co. pound is gone. Hope they get somebody compassionate in there. And not racist.

  2. Holy s*** at the first comment by Mary on the NM article. Hunny was almost pulled by a rescue in CO, and on the day all of this was happening they made a comment to the effect of “the second we get our hands on an animal they are OURS!!!1!1!! Former owners are SOL, no matter what. They should be psychic and know to get the animal even though they were never contacted”

    Oh, and they lied on the phone about scanning Hunny twice, said a “Patrick” was coming to adopt her and he would get her if he got there first, and had the audacity to tell the owner they had done her a huge favor by holding her an extra day and only charging her $40 to her her dog back.

  3. One thing I did was to put my dog’s microchip # and Vet name and number on her tag. I got a tag from Paws for Hope and it looks like a driver’s license. It has her picture and everything. Perhaps, if she ever got separated from her tags, the picture and number would help find her again. -elizabeth

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