Good Ol’ Boys in KY Forced to Suspend One of Their Own at the Pound

The Bullitt Co pound in Kentucky is run by ACO Jimmy Miller.  Miller was suspended last week by the county due to alleged violations of the employee handbook.

Delsie Williams, a female employee, told WDRB that Miller, who kills animals at the pound, left a dog in a garbage bag in front of the freezer “because it was still breathing”.  She also explained that Miller won’t touch cats and when he kills them, he has Williams snare them in a chokepole inside the cage, drag them up to the cage bars and hold them there so Miller can jab them with the drug used to kill animals.

But Bullitt Co officials did not suspend Miller over the allegations of animal cruelty.  They suspended him because Williams secretly filmed Miller at work using racial slurs in referring to African-Americans and making sexist remarks and then the local news showed up at the offices of county officials and played the video in their white faces:

We showed the video that an employee secretly recorded in the shelter to Bullitt County Deputy Judge Lisa Craddock and County Attorney John Wooldridge.

They refused to talk to us on camera, but just hours later, told us that Miller is suspended because of alleged violations of the employee handbook.

Craddock appears to be trying to minimize the whole debacle by completely ignoring the allegations of animal torture, blaming social media, and implying that Miller just has a problem with his “tone”. Perhaps most revealing of all:

A previously scheduled public meeting to talk about the shelter Tuesday afternoon has been canceled.

Yeah, saw that coming, blindfolded.  Local taxpayers need to demand better from their public animal shelter and county officials.  The poor shelter pets in Bullitt Co are being hurt and killed by the people paid to protect them.  That needs to stop immediately and officials need to hear from Bullitt Co citizens that anything less is unacceptable.

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5 thoughts on “Good Ol’ Boys in KY Forced to Suspend One of Their Own at the Pound

  1. And if it weren’t on video, nothing at all would have happened. Maybe they need to record the abuse as well, since no one sees fit to do a damn thing about it unless it can go public and they can be shamed into acting like human beings.

  2. I think you need to rewrite your “handbook”! Animal cruelty should not be accepted under ANY circumstance! It looks like this Miller guy is getting favorite treatment…maybe because he is related to someone in the government….maybe? Just a guess.

  3. are these the same people who would confiscate pets from “inhumane and abusive” owners? The same ones who would say ,”Cats live a horrible life if left on the streets”?
    damn it.

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