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  1. OhMyDogness!!! What IS that adorable fuzzy creature? I don’t know if I can have one, but I sure would like to find out!

  2. The contract between Guilford County, NC, and the United Animal Coalition, which runs the high-kill county pound, is expiring this year and the county is going to review it before renewing it. The UAC refuses to adopt out pit bulls and even turns away rescue groups trying to save them. They kill thousands of dogs and cats each year while also talking in hundreds from puppy mill busts and using the puppy mill dogs to collect donations and feel-good publicity. They also claim exemption from state open records laws despite the fact that they run a publicly-funded facility that performs a function that would otherwise be performed by a public agency. That means that no one is allowed to discover the fate of their owned posts who have the misfortune of entering that pound. The UAC can and does kill with no oversight. The UAC is bad news for the animals of Guilford County. Anyone who would like to share their experiences with Guilford County commissioners shells email to jphilli1@co.guilford.nc.us.

  3. More From NC: A rescue group saved a dog from death at the Rowan County, NC, pound only to immediately discover that she had a spay scar, a tattoo, a microchip … and an owner who was looking for her. Rowan pound staff somehow missed all the signs that would have allowed them to reunite the dog with an owner who loves her. Good thing the rescue group and spay-neuter clinic were there to pick up the slack and do the Rowan pound staff’s jobs for them, because I’m sure they don’t actually WANT to kill so many animals … see more on FixRowan’s Facebook wall: http://tinyurl.com/p856fd6

  4. The Bates County MO shelter is threatening to kill puppies if someone doesn’t buy them by Monday.

    Sorry for the facebook-specific link, but I couldn’t find a website. There’s another photo of them a little further down and a nonsensical conversation about why they can’t be given to a rescue group.



    And the irony is that further down the page is this:


  5. Have I mentioned that I sometimes (often) wonder why I live in NY state?? One of these days I’m going to have to fix that…..

    NY State is at it again folks. Bill # S04706 and Bill # A01006


    There is nothing in the law that states that such restrictions are for outside penning only, which means that the indoor crating of dogs (as is often done with destructive dogs at night) could be considered illegal under these bills.

    ALSO, the bills do not state what other “animals” are covered under this prohibition. Which means that it could be considered illegal to have your horse penned at night. AND, that all housing/pens etc must be 4-times the height of your horse (or Great Dane…..).



    ALSO, Bill # A06406

    Looks to add restrictions to the tethering of dogs. ALthough I can sympathize and even agree with some of the restrictions, they’re ALSO looking to restrict tethering to no longer than 3hrs unless given written permission by your local Animal Control, AND even then for not more than 12hrs, AND not allowing the dog to be tethered outside between the hours of 11pm and 6am. There are no exceptions for working dogs.


    1. There are sections of my HOUSE, where the ceilings are “so low” that it wouldn’t be legal to house my Tibetan Mastiff IN MY HOUSE under that law.

      1. Well if you can’t have him in your house and you can’t put him outside, I guess you’ll just have to walk him on a leash 24/7. Until they make that illegal.

  6. So yesterday in Omaha, an injured mountain lion was seen lying down near a school. All the kids were safely inside. Adults were able to take some beautiful pictures of it. The police and the Humane Society were called. The Humane Society was en route with a tranquilizer gun, but the cops got there first and shot it 15 times. In full view of the kids. https://www.facebook.com/349949081768600/photos/a.374639979299510.86722.349949081768600/809376895825814/?type=1 – They called this “euthanasia.” Because clearly, getting shot 15 times is a “good death,” right? The Omaha World Herald is obviously getting fed lines straight from OPD damage control because their article today could have been written by the cops: http://www.omaha.com/news/metro/omaha-police-officers-shoot-kill-mountain-lion-outside-project-harmony/article_08bf7ad6-f43e-11e4-b46f-231c934f0d67.html

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