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A long time volunteer at the Ewing Animal Shelter in NJ says she was walking a shelter dog when a health officer called her into the office, advised her that she would no longer be allowed to take dogs out, that “drastic changes” were afoot, and that if the vol didn’t like it, she could vote with her feet.  When the vol asked about the policy changes, the health officer threatened to call the cops on her.  The vol is concerned the shelter is going to abandon its no kill policy but the mayor says that’s a big fat lie.  Oh and he really appreciates the volunteers:

“They think they can come and go into the shelter whenever they feel like it and go into the cages,” [Mayor Bert] Steinmann said. “That’s going to stop. It’s a liability on the town.”

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Case Update:  The whistleblower at the Bullitt Co Animal Shelter in KY whose secretly recorded video resulted in the suspension of the director is now being investigated by the state police.  Cops showed up at her house this week with a search warrant, seizing her cell phone, computers and other items.  Sounds legit.  (Thanks Clarice.)


A public safety officer in Pike Co, PA reportedly ran down two loose dogs with his vehicle, killing one, then shot the other one to death while he was trying to crawl away.  The sheriff said the dogs had attacked some people, although he did not know the identities of any of them, and that the public safety officer “did the right thing” in killing the pets.  The heartbroken owner who raised both dogs from puppyhood describes them as “sweet” and says they had never attacked anyone.  (Thanks Arlene.)


Wyckoff, NJ – A cop showed up at the wrong address to investigate a burglary and ended up shooting the family dog to death.  The police chief says the dog jumped out an open window and latched onto the officer’s boot.  The officer fired 4 times, with 2 bullets hitting the dog.  Neighbors who witnessed the killing say they were trying to tell the cop he was at the wrong house when he shot the dog from a few feet away then walked up to the wounded pet and shot him in the back at close range.  The police chief is shielding the officer from the media.  No disciplinary action was taken as a result of the killing.  (Thanks Clarice.)


A super photo for a shelter cat being advertised for adoption on Facebook.  (Thanks Casey.)

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    1. omg – the lawsuit states he was chasing a suspect when the suspect crashed his car then tried to run away on foot. The cop ran him down with his car, killing him. The guy was unarmed.

    2. This “officer” is either sadistic or serious anger management issues. What he doesn’t need to have is any kind of opportunity to encounter another living being, whether fur or skin. Why is he still employed? He is nothing more than an extreme bully.

    3. Newark ultimately settled the case for $350,000 and the officer was laid off allegedly due to “budget cuts.” Unsurprisingly, the cop wasn’t indicted by a grand jury.

      The crazy part is that Wykoff is a really wealthy town with almost no crime. Basically, a cop’s dream job given these towns pay a lot as well. One has to wonder what the story was behind the hiring of this cop.

  1. I just… I don’t even know.

    Bullying shelter volunteers, “Safety Officer” running down and shooting dogs because he’s annoyed by them, a cop essentially breaking into someone’s home and killing their dog… some days you wonder what the hell it’s all coming to.

    Thank goodness for cat butt photos. I wonder if that’s why the internet is made of cats? Just as a brain cleansing for all the other stuff out there?

    1. “some days you wonder what the hell it’s all coming to.”

      Some days, most days, all days… Which is why you occasionally see photos of baby birds and such on this blog.

      1. AMEN! Sometimes it gets so bad I have to stop reading. It hurts my heart and makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. I wish I knew what would be required of the public to enforce some accountability. There must be some laws that protect citizens from police and ac who recklessly and wantonly murder animals and/ or people? Seems we’ve devolved at a rapid pace to banana republic standards and that’s enraging and heartbreaking.
    I know many are trying to push a change, but wow, it looks so overwhelming some days.
    This is one of those days.
    Although I would totally adopt that cat if I wasn’t full up with furry buddies at the moment.

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