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  1. Rough overnight. Mulder and Schroeder killed and ate a rabbit late last night. Then early this morning someone knocked over a bucket where a bird had made a nest and the babies had just hatched. It fell from the deck down to the ground and spilled all out. I ran out there immediately but Jade had already picked up one of the hatchlings. I got her and everyone else inside. Although she didn’t puncture the baby, he was dead when I got to him. Thankfully, the others were all still alive and there was still one red speckled egg too. I carefully placed the fragile babies and egg back in the nest and did my best to reconstruct everything how it was while an anxious mama frantically flew overhead.

    I watched from inside the house and mama was able to get back under the bucket to the nest but I heard her crying in there. She must realize one baby is gone. I hope the others will survive. Billy has placed a clamp on the bucket to prevent it from being knocked down again and we’ve got an x-pen out there to help discourage the dogs from the area but it’s in a high traffic spot, right near the back door. IDK why the mama bird thought that was a good place to make a nest.

    I would welcome a boring Saturday, if anyone has one to spare.

    1. Was it a wren? They often make their nests in all kinds of inappropriate places. In other nesting news, a goose had nested on a tree island in my office complex parking lot, and building management had put traffic cones around it to keep people from parking near there. Her mate seems to have gone AwOL (so sad because they mate for life) so folks brought her containers of water and food and kept an eye on her well-being. Her babies hatched yesterday (I’d upload a photo if WP allowed them in comments) all all seem happy and healthy. Now we hope they make it to the nearby lake without being hit or eaten by foxes (but foxes gotta eat too).

      1. Oh I have no idea. I mean, she wasn’t a penguin or a swan, if that narrows it down any. I need to look up red speckled egg on the nest ID link and see if I can figure it out.

        The management at your office complex may need to put traffic cones all the way to the lake when the babies are ready to leave, heh.

  2. Ugh. Reminds me of the time a duck decided to make a nest right next to the driveway where I take the dogs out everyday. She ended up being scared off, eggs abandoned. We figure she must have been young and inexperienced.

    Sometimes bad stuff just happens. And dogs will be dogs.

    Which is why “boring” is always my goal, but rarely achieved.

    1. Yes this is what Billy and I were saying to each other last night around midnight, trying to find some small comfort. It’s instinctual behavior, nothing that could have been prevented, etc. Sounds slightly more convincing during the daylight.

  3. It’s been about a year since I moved from my house in Mount Rainier, MD, to my house in Gerrardstown, WV. Around the time I decided to move, a pair of robins built a nest on a column on my porch and laid eggs. Sadly, once I found my new home in West Virginia, and started preparing for my move, all that extra activity on my porch scared off the robin parents, and they abandoned their eggs. I would not have moved from my former home if it were not for the harassment from the city and the county. My dog, cats, and rats are safe where we live now.

  4. I hate when “nature” happens, but it happens.

    On a happier note, I have a boy cat who is 9 years old today. Why is that a big deal? He was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia in October of 2013 and I was warned he would not make it until the new year. He is alive, doing well considering, and is happy and comfortable. I know the cancer is progressing, but we seem to have slowed it down some. And we have a wonderful hospice vet for palliative care, so he won’t ever have to leave home again.

    Note to Anne Thomas – I’m trying to be in contact with UPAWS about a dog situation. What’s the best way to do that? (Shirley, if you want to give her my email, I’m okay with that)

      1. Yes, wrong Anne. Thanks for the correction! I will follow the link you provided. I’ve sent a couple but heard nothing back. Thanks – and Happy Mothers Day.

  5. I was busy one day around the feral
    Cat house and left the door to the storage shed open. We have shelves in there and a sifting tray for the goat food. A wonderful daddy bird built the most beautiful nest – in very very short order and mom bird accepted his offerings. It took a few days for eggs and hatchlings but we settled in a routine. I would get up at first light and open the door to the shed and close it at dusk. Mom came and went all day and at night she was perfectly safe with her chicks. Made sure succeeding years the doors to the sheds get closed immediately.

    1. Oh, my, that is awesome. As one of the comments says:

      “A dog and a good Queen song together… no really, who’s cutting onions?”

  6. My beloved teacher Rachel Rosenthal just died this last Mother’s Day. She was my gateway into animal rescue. The world has lost a great animal-advocate, who did performances about animals regardless of art world fashion. Here’s a lovely clip from The Others: https://www.youtube.com/watch?

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