Newkirk, OK: Shotgun Pound

The city of Newkirk, OK used taxpayer money to build a pound on property belonging to a veterinarian.  The facility is under the police department and is not open to the public.  Pets without collars are held for 3 days and, if unclaimed, are blasted with a shotgun, leaving behind a “bloody mess” according to the former city manager.

The only way for Newkirk residents to see if a lost pet has been impounded is to get hold of the ACO and make an appointment to look at the animals.  Brenda O’Neill, a local animal advocate, tried for a year to talk to the ACO and the police chief about being let in to the facility to photograph the animals for networking online.  She’s still trying.

And if that all sounds depressing, the new city manager says changes might be coming.  Not because Newkirk is doing anything wrong mind you, but just because some modern day people are kind of whiny:

“What we’ve done for the past couple of decades isn’t exactly accepted now,” said Jason Orr, the Newkirk City Manager.  Orr said many people living in rural Oklahoma accept the practice of shooting unwanted animals.  “People have their different opinions especially in rural Oklahoma still view shooting animals a humane way to dispose of animals but however moving forward in the modern day and age there are a lot of people that don’t agree with that,” Orr said.

Some modern day people at the local news station wanted to see the animals and conditions at the pound but no:

The animal control officer told Fox 25 the building’s owner did not want anyone new to visit the shelter and we were denied a look at the conditions of the animals being held at the shelter.

I think they must mean the property’s owner because if taxpayers paid for the building, the city owns it and the public should not be locked out of a facility it financed.  Plus what kind of creepy vet is so ok with pets being shot to death on his property that he’s willing to hide the bodies for the city?

Ms. O’Neill would like to see a new shelter built on one of the many vacant lots already owned by the city.  The city manager is all, you go somewhere away from me and get that done:

“I would rather see citizens come together to initiate projects of this nature because I think that’s where it is handled the best is at that grass roots level,” Orr told Fox 25.

In the absence of city employees actually doing their jobs, Ms. O’Neill is trying to get some dogs out of the pound and adopted into homes but is extremely limited in how much she can help due to the city’s 3 dog limit.  Add that to the list of outrageous city policies which need to be smote in Newkirk.

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14 thoughts on “Newkirk, OK: Shotgun Pound

  1. What asylum did you escape from, you crazy sons of bitches! An animal doesn’t deserve to be shot, least of all by idiots such as yourself! You run a shelter, but your facility is anything but! Stupid people like you irritate me! Do you realize we’re in the 21st century and your methods are serviv

  2. Well, that City Manager sounds like a real prize. “Gosh, folks aren’t so keen with the idea that we’re scraping blood and guts off the floors when we’re done “sheltering” their pets. I mean, they were totally cool with it before cause we’re honest farm folk, but these citified slickers are so namby pamby with this stuff.”

    And this vet? Who presumably is capable of euthanizing an animal without the use of a shotgun? Who is actually taking their animals to this guy? Sounds like he’s the sort to go out and shoot cats with arrows just for funsies…

    It’s a damn shame that no one there is prepared to actually set both of their feet into this century when it comes to sheltering.

    We can only thank the heavens that Ms. O’Neill is continuing to advocate.

  3. Okay, watching the video at the link, it says that the “euthanizations” (aka, shotgun blasts) were not handled directly by the city. Which means that their ACO isn’t doing it…which makes me think that it’s the VET who is shooting dogs there.

    They’re going to train the ACO in humane euthanasia. What else is the ACO currently NOT trained to do, I have to wonder?

    Just because you’re “rural” doesn’t give you an excuse to be an asshole. You can claim that it’s your “culture” the same way the Vick claimed it was his “culture” to fight dogs, but that doesn’t make you any less of an asshole for abusing and killing animals.

    I want this vet’s name so we can all know who and what he is.

  4. I have had the pleasure of chatting with Ms. O’Neill. No Kill Nation is actively helping her. She is a true pioneer in the area and resources are being provided to her.

    1. Oh good to know! Having had to fight a battle all by my lonesome, I know how hard it can be without support. Thank you so much to NKN for helping Ms. O’Neill!

    2. Seems to me that good old boy vet ought to be reported to the state licensing board. Not thinking that’s what they taught in vet school, but then I live in the city, so what do I know?

  5. I would like to thank all of you for your encouragment and support. I am not giving up this fight till we have an appropiete facilty that has a no kill status. I have had the pleasure of speaking with Terri from no kill nation and look forward to thier support in this common goal. I am a true believer in fighting for what is right, and these poor babies have been wronged for way tooo long. I have a voice and i am using it for those who can’t speak for themselves.
    I have made progress, it has been slow but positive changes none the less. Since my interview with Fox 25 they are giving dogs 10 days instead of the 3 they had , and by the grace of god that has allowed me to find the fur babies rescues and homes. When i started this they had no adoption proccess what so ever except that you show up with what ever amount the ac officer gave you ( and it changed from dog to dog) handed him cash only and you drove off with the dog. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! That has now changed ( with much resistance from the ac officer). I am working along side the city to establish a standard protocal for adopting and pulling for rescues. They do not currently house cats as there is no city ordanices for cats. I am also working on that along with many other changes. If you would like to show your support or contact me, you are welcome to visit my facebook page Newkirk Animal Welfare or contact me by email at Again i thank everyone of you for your support ! Have a blessed day.

    1. I would suggest that you keep cats out of the law-making process entirely, until there is a REAL shelter set up with REAL space for cats and a REAL protocol to hold cats safely (vaccinated, vetted, and able to be returned to owners or adopted). There is no point in bringing in cats just because they’re loose, because they often get put down if they don’t act perfectly sweet, etc., etc. If owners have lost cats (and dogs), then giving them space on the website & social media pages you eventually have, and making sure any ACOs/staff know about the lost animals so they can match reports of found animals to assist in RTOs is better than bringing in cats.
      Of course, in situations where there’s been devastation, such as tornadoes, then catching and holding cats, dogs, and other pets, should happen, with the animals held in a central location (or a few of them) while people deal with problems and figure out what they can do about their pets, but that type of rescue is specialized and right now, trying to change the pathetic and barbaric practices the dogs in your town have been held under is going to be challenge enough. I wish you luck and hope you get more people to assist you.

  6. people go by 2nd street and Pine in Newkirk. look how inhumane a kay county deputy sheriff keeps his dog. This has been reported to the worthless animal control guy who only draws a pay check. He could give a shitless about any animal.

  7. KateH- could not agree with you more.
    KEEP CATS OUT OF THE JURISDICTION OF AC- for now and for some time.
    It will only lead to a high kill rate for the cats.

    You might want to consider setting up a FB or some other site to help people who have lost their kitty or to Rehome. But in a private sector way- not with AC.

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