Treats on the Internets

In Mississippi, an 87 year old veteran who was struggling financially tried to take care of a number of dogs who had been abandoned in the woods on his property.  The county sheriff’s department showed up with staff from an area pound and good old HSUS to seize the dogs.  The dogs took off when the uh, help arrived but 11 were captured.  The dogs were reportedly flea-infested and suffering from mange and eye infections.  The money quote:

The ones that are healthy will be put up for adoption.

Which sounds like it might be none of them.  Well done, as usual.


The city of Pawhuska, Oklahoma hired a new dog catcher 5 months ago and cha-ching:

For the first five months of 2014, the city brought in $146 in fees and tags. Compare that to the past five months with the new officer, the total goes up to $3,700.

A witness reportedly saw the officer unlatch the gate on a fenced yard and attempt to remove the dog who lived there from his crate.  Dog catcher, dog stealer – eh, what’s the diff?  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)


Case Update:  The pound director in Bullitt Co, KY who was secretly filmed using racial slurs and making sexist remarks at work has been fired.  The county also decided to fire the whistleblower because that’s how that works, right?  (Thanks Clarice.)


A K9 officer with the Hialeah police department in Florida was suspended with pay after he reportedly left two police dogs in his hot car for hours.  Both dogs were found dead.  (Thanks Susan and Anne.)


An Illinois veterinarian who reportedly lost her license last year continued to perform surgeries on clients’ animals in her kitchen.  County deputies conducting a welfare check found the home covered in feces and filled with dozens of live, caged animals as well as dead, bagged animals.  All the animals were removed by authorities and charges are pending.  (Thanks Arlene.)


Kansas City Pet Project does right (and right and right) by a dog separated from her person far from home.  This is one for the manual on sheltering.  (Thanks Anne.)


Last week, spider rain.  This week, worms.

4 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. Thanks for the nice shout-out to KCPP. It really was a great story and the young lady who handled this for us at the shelter really gets it.


  2. If I had a choice, I’d prefer it raining worms to spiders. Thinking of Charlotte’s Web, I really have tried to like spiders, but am so far unsuccessful. The best I can do is carrying them outside if I find one in the house.



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