Clayton Co Pound Conducts Mass Killing

A dog reportedly killed by the Clayton Co pound on June 1, as posted on Facebook.
A dog reportedly killed by the Clayton Co pound on June 1, as posted on Facebook.
Two of the dogs killed by the Clayton Co pound, as posted on Facebook.
Two of the dogs reportedly killed by the Clayton Co pound on June 1, as posted on Facebook.

Captain Andre Jackson is in charge of the Clayton Co pound in GA where approximately 60 dogs were killed on Monday after some dogs sneezed:

CBS46 asked Clayton County animal control officials what kind of contagious illness prompted the latest action.

Jackson said, “We can’t determine at this time, but we had an increase in animals that came into the shelter, and they began to exhibit some signs of runny nose, coughing, and sneezing.”

Interestingly, when the reporter tried to press for answers, he was told he’d have to file a FOIA request, which he did.  So basically they don’t know what the sneezing was about or if they do, they aren’t going to tell unless forced by sunshine laws to provide the information.  But they “had to” kill 60 dogs.  Sounds legit.

A dog reportedly killed by the Clayton Co pound on June 1, as posted on Facebook.
A dog reportedly killed by the Clayton Co pound on June 1, as posted on Facebook.

One of the dogs killed for this unknown/super secret sneezing thing had reportedly just whelped a litter of puppies at the pound.  Those puppies are now orphans being bottle fed by a member of the irresponsible public.

Clayton Co does not vaccinate upon intake – one of the most basic tenets of disease prevention in shelters.  There has been talk for years about “starting over” in a new facility, which Clayton Co voters approved funding for in 2009.  But a new building won’t force shelter staff to do their jobs.

Mass killing for non-specific reasons, killing a nursing dam, failure to follow best practices for disease prevention, telling a reporter to file a FOIA request in order to get his questions answered – these are the hallmarks of a dysfunctional shelter in desperate need of reform.  And the same exact things will happen in a shiny new building, if that ever materializes.  Taxpayers need to demand meaningful reform at the Clayton Co pound now.

A dog reportedly killed by the Clayton Co pound on June 1, as posted on Facebook.
A dog reportedly killed by the Clayton Co pound on June 1, as posted on Facebook.

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24 thoughts on “Clayton Co Pound Conducts Mass Killing

  1. I think they will blame the new dog flu that is sweeping the country .. there is no vaccine. There is however supportive treatment. The new disease is called the Asian Flu .. guess where 57 dogs imported in the USA by the HSUS came from just before the breakout? Other groups also import dogs from Asia.. it makes for great fundraising.. It also brings us disease.. and possibly this..sad

  2. That place is Georgia’s equivalent to MDAS. No matter who is in there, be it Partner$ for Pet$ or the current powers to be, most of the animals are doomed. I wish that somebody powerful would blow the cover off and expose Crooked County for what it is.

  3. I saw a petition going around on FB last night calling for the AC to become privatized. That’s exactly a large part of what got them into this state. A private group (partners) who was rising pledges for the animals, but never said which rescue got the animals and what happened to the funds raised for those adopted privately or were killed. And since they were not 501 c3, they didn’t have to supply that information.

    Anyone remember the GSD that was shot in boarding a few years back? That was them. That dog almost didn’t get any justice at all because they circled the wagons and wouldn’t talk about what led up to him being there.

    Before they were kicked out there were posts of dog who were pulled from there with large pledges in another state living in squalor. There is no other way to put it. They were not at a rescue and no one was trying to find them homes. Someone got wind before that state could go in they were all moved. God only knows if they are still alive.

    They are the MDAS of Georgia. And so far the animals have been doomed no matter who is in charge.

    1. You are so right Alice. It seems that Partner$ for Pet$ is back at CCAC, though they never really left. I despise them. Poor dogs.

  4. Very messed up No one buys this weak excuse about sneezes. Also if he cared for those dogs he would have brought in a veterinarian. What a cold hearted thing to do.

    1. they will have to answer to god for what they,ve done,they,ll be judged in the last days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they will be left to suffer the tribulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The FB page says that the vet “strongly recommended euthanizing every affected animal”. No mention of what the illness is, no attempt to quarantine.

    One of the comments stated that the vet gets paid $25 for every dog euthanized. Wonder if the vet had a house payment to make or something this month?

    Oh – but they “can’t afford” to vaccinate dogs on intake. Right.

  6. Well, damn. A lot of wonderful dogs killed for sneezing . . . because they continue to kill and get away with it. Where are the citizens who are paying taxes for this facility of horrors?

  7. With symptoms of “some signs of runny nose, coughing, and sneezing.” it’s easy for a non-professional, such as myself, to understand that what ever was ailing the dogs was treatable. On the other hand, the conditions that manifest themselves in dangerous human predators: heartlessness, viciousness, extreme ignorance, and lack of conscience, is more dangerous than anthrax., making them a serious danger to society. Hmm, if only this problem could be remedied with some euthanizing. I HOPE AT LEAST SOME HEADS WILL ROLL! And when they take applications to fill the positions, they will look for compassionate individuals who have common sense and an unyielding devotion for those in their care who are helpless.

  8. This is an outrage and it just breaks my heart seeing the faces of
    These precious babies killed for no reason!!!!!!!

  9. Ah, I’d have to go with this scenario: “We sure have a lot of pit-type dogs in this place.” “Yeah, I think we do have a bunch of ’em.” “Hey, did you hear a sneeze?” “Yeah, I think I did hear a sneeze.” “Well, no one’s gonna adopt a sneezing dog, especially these kind of sneezing dogs.” “Yeah, I think we should put them down, and then we’ll have less work to do.”
    I don’t know which of the heartless, stupid numbnuts said which side of the conversation (and I might be off a bit on the actual wording, but probably not too far off), but I’d bet money it went a lot like that. Lazy,, vicious assholes.

      1. Yeah, CCAC doesn’t adopt out pit bull type dogs. They can only go to rescues, so it’s really hard on them.

        I’m always sharing CCAC dogs on FB networking and rescue pages, because they are always over-capacity. They really need a change there.

  10. Clayton County needs new management. Tell me why Clayton county is so quick to kill animals. Not euthanize they kill. Look the definition of Euthanization up. For any reputable vet to think they are Euthanizing they aren’t. They are killing animals and charged need to be brought not only on the veterinary staff but management who is telling then to convience kill. When is the Govenor the senators the president going to take action against Clayton county? I believe the mayor should be charged as well for allowing the killing to continue.

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