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  1. Last month, animal advocates from Pets Broward held a peaceful protest at the groundbreaking ceremony for Broward County’s new $15.2 million, 40,000-square-foot animal care shelter. The protest focused mainly on the county not keeping to the no-kill resolution commissioners ceremoniously instituted in 2012, as well as the overall poorly managed animal shelter by county officials. And this Saturday, Pets Broward will be back at it, this time at the current shelter, located at 1870 SW 39th St. in Fort Lauderdale, to make sure the county knows they’re still there, and they’re still unhappy about how things are being run.

  2. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but when I clicked on the source link and got to the site hosting this material (I think it was called “Paperblog” or something similar) Norton notified me that it blocked a malware attack from the site. I skimmed through a few photos but did not dare open the video. If anyone finds another site with access to the video please post – I would love to safely share it with my dog groups!

    1. ugh – I’m sorry that happened Elaine. I don’t have Norton at home, which is where I came across that site. I guess I need to scan my home computer to make sure it didn’t get attacked. In the meantime, I’m going to remove the source link to be on the safe side. The vid eucritta linked to appears to be the same video.

    1. How sad. When I got Wendy from a catch and kill pound (with no vet), she was intact but my vet said we needed to get her in better shape before thinking about surgery. It took awhile and she did come into season during that time but of course we did not allow her to be bred. I can understand shelter vets being overly gung ho on spay-neuter but that does not excuse risking a pet’s life for the sake of immediate surgery.

      1. Nope, no excuse. And I can’t even imagine how her rescuer/intended foster feels. He must be heartbroken.

  3. Looking for up to date dog bite statistics. I would like to share them in comments in a Detroit paper after it was reported a “pitbull” killed a smaller dog. All of the haters will come out on this one and I’d like some objective sites to share. dogsbite.org is not one of them – they are on a mission to wipe any kind of bully breed from the face of the earth.

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