Case Update: WV ACO Who Hunted Down Dog Cleared Of Wrongdoing

In April, Greenbrier Co ACO Robert McClung reportedly shot a loose dog 5 times then followed him to his porch, dragged him down, and told the dog off before putting a 6th bullet into the pet, killing him.  The county has investigated and cleared itself in the killing, finding that the ACO’s actions were both appropriate and lawful.  The county recommended no disciplinary action be taken against McClung.

County commissioners want to give McClung a chokepole and a taser, both of which will presumably be used while exercising the same stellar decision making abilities previously displayed.  Greenbrier Co pet owners, brace yourselves.

(Thank you Clarice for the link.)

8 thoughts on “Case Update: WV ACO Who Hunted Down Dog Cleared Of Wrongdoing

  1. i live in this county and can say that this ACO is not a nice person. He should not be in the position and should not have a gun. The Humane Society of the US- WV Division offered to do the investigation of the ACO. The Greenbrier County Commission refused and set up their own Blue Ribbon Panel to investigate. Nobody knows who was on this panel. It is now on record with HSUS that the county refused their help. And it makes the entire situation SHADY! Local people knew he would get off and nothing would happen to him. This is how it works in WV. Everyone is related and connected in county politics and sheriff dept. Very very shady!!!!

      1. thanks, i am unable to read that article on my phone. will read it in the paper at lunchtime!
        We can hope they take his gun away.

  2. I want to vomit! This “man” is not only cleared of any wrongdoing, he is given additional weapons to add to those he already has? What the hell is wrong with people? No way should this be allowed to stand! File charges of animal cruelty against him and a civil lawsuit in addition. My heart goes out to the family of this dog who did not deserve to be killed in this manner. It just goes to show that once again self policing does not work.

  3. Disgusting. Of course, as soon as he shoots a dog who belongs to someone *important*, THEN we’ll take action. In the meantime, have a taser because that really helps with stray animals.

    Come to think of it, WTF is the taser meant to be for? People who try to stop him from shooting their dogs?

    1. he will now have more weapons to use against animals! Good job, blue ribbon panel!

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