Detroit Animal Control Kills Thousands of Pets Per Year, Wants More

Detroit Animal Control has no adoption program.  Its 2013 report to the Michigan Department of Agriculture (the most recent year on the state’s website) was submitted by someone from Michigan Humane – a fellow pet killing facility and reportedly the only organization allowed to pull animals from the pound.  The report indicates DAC took in 6127 dogs and cats, returning just 170 of them to their owners and killing 4490 – a kill rate of 73%:

dac 2013

Screengrab from the Michigan Department of Agriculture's website showing the Detroit pound's 2013 report.
Screengrab from the Michigan Department of Agriculture’s website showing the Detroit pound’s 2013 report.

Michigan Humane, DAC’s partner, does not follow the law regarding the mandatory holding period for stray cats. DAC has no adoption program and an abysmal RTO rate. The only real hope any animal has of getting out of DAC alive is if Michigan Humane cherry picks him and chooses to keep him alive long enough to get adopted by an actual caring person. You would tend to think that under the circumstances, DAC would not be scrabbling to take in more animals nor would they be hanging their hat on the importance of obeying the mandatory holding period law since you know, Ichigan-May Umane-Hay… Astonishingly, DAC is doing both by attempting to snatch strays from a local rescue group:

The issue of who owns a stray dog in Detroit is being challenged for the Detroit Dog Rescue.
[…] DDR was told by Detroit Animal Control that they are no longer allowed to take dogs from police officers.
Detroit police said that under state law, shelters are required to have documentation as to who dropped the dog off. Dogs must remain with animal control for four business days to allow the owner time to claim the dog.

If the dog is not claimed, authorities will decide if the dog is adoptable.

But most likely, the dog will be killed – the usual outcome for pets at DAC. I guess they forgot to mention that part.

To be clear, I am absolutely in favor of any group that takes in strays following the applicable laws for holding periods and reporting so that owners can reclaim lost pets.  Many shelters have systems in place to allow finders of strays to keep them for the mandatory holding period while listing them on the shelter’s roster of found pets. Michigan law appears to allow for private groups to take in strays as long as they properly report the animals to police.

If DAC is truly concerned about private animal groups following the state holding period law for strays perhaps they should start by looking at their own partner in crime, Michigan Humane, instead of chasing groups trying to actually shelter strays – the job DAC is supposed to be doing.  There is surely no cause for DAC to be taking animals away from rescue groups committed to saving them.

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6 thoughts on “Detroit Animal Control Kills Thousands of Pets Per Year, Wants More

  1. Note who filled out the Shelter report…Michigan Humane Society. Google the address and you will find it belongs to the Michigan Humane Society.

    Kind of suspicous that MDARD is going after DDR on behalf of DAC (MHS) while they turn a blind eye to MHS’s WRITTEN policy on cats that violates Michigan mandated stray hold laws. The hipocracy is astounding.

    1. selective attention . . . politics . . . power . . . money . . . egos

      Saving animals has no place here, folks.

  2. These facts should be made available to every owner that turns in their animals…. Transparency and education are key for a different mind set….

    1. And guess who the ceo is of MHS? None other than the infamous Matthew Pepper. His buddy is our new county animal control director. DAC is a cesspool and killing facility. Maybe they don’t think they have enough animals to kill since they are fighting to get the ones DDR is saving. Of course, there is controversy about DDR, too. Nothing is easy in the D. Meanwhile animals keep getting killed . . .

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