More on AL Shelter Being Investigated by Police

There have been some major developments since I posted last week about a police investigation of alleged abuse at the Lawrence Co shelter in Alabama.

In a 3-2 vote during an emergency meeting, the Lawrence Co Commission canceled the $80,000 AC contract with Bobbie Taylor:

Taylor frowned as Commission Chairman Joey Hargrove read the terms of the termination.

All animals must be removed from Taylor’s property by July 1. Taylor said Thursday she had about 80 animal[s] on the property.

When police attempted to visit the public shelter on Taylor’s private property, she reportedly refused to let them in, telling them to get a search warrant.  When they did, they found that “about 80 animals” was more like 250.

The dogs were living in filth, some were dying, others were dead:

Volunteers took some of the sick dogs to see a veterinarian. At least one dog died on the way to the vet, [Moulton Police Chief Lyndon] McWhorter said.
One volunteer drove off with a few bags of what appeared to be dead dogs in the back of a truck. McWhorter did not give an exact count of how many dead animals were found.
Matthew Seahorn, 18, spent four hours sweating in a hazmat suit, boots and mask as he inspected the barn beside Taylor’s home. Inside, he counted 45 dogs of various ages, several ill animals confined to pens, three dead puppies and the stench of feces.
“They are all in cages to the point where they can’t even turn around, and the stench is unbearable,” Seahorn said. “No one should live in conditions like that. Not even an animal.”

Local police called in the ASPCA for assistance. Dogs were carried out in front of the television cameras by people wearing ASPCA t-shirts, images which are likely to be used in fundraising campaigns by the wealthy organization. No word on where the animals are or how they are doing but they will presumably be dumped on local rescues, as usual.

One woman who saw her long lost dog on the news in terrible shape says she went to the shelter and that Taylor had hidden the dog.  She was ultimately able to reclaim her pet and take her for veterinary care.  The dog remains hospitalized.

Taylor still has local supporters and has not been charged at this time.

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8 thoughts on “More on AL Shelter Being Investigated by Police

  1. Before the Blame Game starts can we at least agree that it was a remarkably poor decision to give an elderly woman $80,000 and expect that she could care for and pay all the expenses involved in taking care of the county’s stray animals.

  2. This situation has been brewing for months and was a disaster waiting to happen. She actively sought the contract. She had the support of a PAC. She ran it like a private operation, not allowing people on the property other than those held in favor. She did not get animals veterinary care consistently, she housed them in inadequate conditions and she relied to shipping them out to other states as her go-to method. When advocates tried to get help from authorities in March, they were rebuffed. And here we are.

    The county is as much to blame as is Bobby Taylor and those who have enabled her and been her apologists for months. If we were talking about a private individual, this would be indefensible. The fact that we are talking about an operation funded by tax dollars makes it moreso.

    We know the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We learn now that the road to hell leads to Moulton, Alabama. For shame all around.

  3. We can blame Taylor however even AFTER all that was found she STILL got TWO votes from the County Council to keep her contract.
    That speaks so loud to ignorance and “good ole boy” its deafening.

    Some counties/towns need their government shut down by higher authority-

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