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  1. Orlando-Kissimmee FL area: Feline Family in Dire Need of Rescue!
    Please contact Jeannie who has been helping these waifs. She needs a cat rescue to get these kitties. Photos and her messages are in the links.

    Mom & 3 kittens:

    ​Hearing-impaired young male cat:​

    ​Networking the links would be appreciated!
    (Please use bcc in email distribution lists to avoid phishing, malware, and other misuses)

  2. Just wanted to say I hope everybody and their pets get through the fireworks okay. We actually evacuated to a hotel and we think we’re isolated enough here that we’ll be okay (in the middle of a business park, with one side adjoining a nature area). The cats are very peeved, but we had to do it.

    There may possibly be a little bit of progress on the fireworks issue in our area, but obviously not for this year. Will know more within a few weeks and I’ll share what happens and what doesn’t and (to the best of my understanding) why. It’s certainly been an education.

  3. Just want to share that Gemma, who was posted a few weeks ago, has a meet and greet tomorrow. IF the dogs get along, then Gemma will have her forever home. If not, UPAWS will be taking her. I will just have to find transportation (it’s about a 10 hour drive). Fingers crossed, please. This girl has been waiting for a long time for her family to find her.

    1. Paws crossed for a successful meet and greet. It’s good to have options and UPAWS is a great option.

  4. Reply to db — can’t reply directly for some reason. Rooting for good chemistry between the dogs so Gemma will have her forever home. Fingers crossed.

  5. Gemma is home with her new family, including a great dog-pal. The meet and greet went so well. It has been a long while, and taken the help of many people, but to see such a happy girl and family makes it all worth it.

    1. Congratulations! Thanks for helping her and not giving up on her. There really is a family for every animal out there.

  6. OK. I have seen some of you posting about Andrew Seltz. Who can give me the real 411 on this guy? He has gone, in rapid succession, from Leon Co., Florida, to Ingham County, Michigan, and now to Livingston County, Michigan, just a short drive down I-96. This shelter is one that I and many other people worked very hard to reform. We had a terrific director these last five years who implemented all kinds of positive change. I am hearing negative things about Seltz, including a pending lawsuit back in Tallahassee (I have a copy of it.)

      1. I know. I have seen that. And read all of the comments following it. He was only at Ingham for 10 months. Not hearing good things about him via sources close to the Ingham shelter. :(

      2. I believe you have reason to be concerned. Hold on to what you have done and don’t let him take you backwards. I don’t know how LC managed to hire him (it was a shock) given his history, but we wondered the same thing when IC hired him. And IC commissioners were aware of his background. ICAC is a high kill facility that continues to claim they don’t kill for space. But we have no idea what criteria they use to decide who is adoptable and who is not. Also a huge rift between AC and our local humane society. Things here are not good and we have a former AC director from Livingston County as our interim. She is as bad as they come.

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