7 thoughts on “Name That Animal

  1. I have to recuse myself, because I only just saw an article on this little critter! Otherwise, though, I would’ve had no clue. But, sparkly!


    This is a sea sapphire. They can activate a cloaking device, which is awesome. From New Scientist:

    Red and blue and green and violet and… Invisible. Sea sapphires have been described as “the most beautiful animal you’ve never seen”. Even when you do see them, they can vanish in an instant.

  3. I have been having a hard time posting on this page (I often get an error message ‘Your comment could not be posted…’). I tried to post this on time; let’s see if will go through now that it’s a done deal. I was so excited to see this creature, which I recognized as a marine invertabrate discovered only a couple of years ago. (I guessed possibly segmented worm or larval crustacean.) My vague memory of a descriptive which I though I remembered as possibly being ite name as ‘sea jewel.’ I whish I had been able to say this at the appropriate time rather than a somewhat lame-sounding afterthought, especially as I was so delighted by the discovery and the exquisite beauty of this creature. NOW I’m going to go research it.

    1. I’m sorry you have a hard time posting but we’re basically on the honor system here so I take you at your word that you tried to post on time. : ) Thanks for battling through the errors.

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