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    1. Some of the researchers are saying that the lion killed by poachers might not be Jericho because of his GPS. I’m sad for whatever animal(s) have given their lives so pos humans can hang a head on their wall.

  1. On my phone so I can’t link it, but the Hwange Trust Facebook page is reporting Jericho was NOT killed. And there is a ban on hunting on land bordering the parks effective immediately.

  2. The world once again is focusing negatively on manatee County Florida for abusing the law and once again condemning a dog to death for being provoked it its own owners office and biting. Google Free Padi and read all about it. Looks like the saga of Buck and Bill all over gain by the same cast of carecters.

  3. Interesting op-ed about big agriculture & animal and human welfare in South Asia. Canned photo & mildly inflammatory blurb are not reflective of actual article.

    “At Tufts University, I studied nutrition and international development, and my dissertation examined the links between food security and agricultural programs in South Asia. My research led me to an important conclusion: It matters who holds the power.”

    I think this is true of all aspects of animal welfare, which often intersects intimately with human politics and welfare.


  4. Hi Everyone. My name is Amanda. What I have to say is pretty far off topic, but please take the time to read, if you will. I need help. More importantly, these two dogs need help. Here is the story of Boscoe and Dingo.

    A month ago, I found two stray dogs. They were severely emaciated- I wasn’t sure that one of them, Dingo, would make it through the night. He could barely stand, and they were both so weak. I took them in. I have no way of knowing their history. They could have simply been wild. The day I found them, I went around talking to people to ask if anyone knew where they came from. Two different people told me that they had seen two white Pit Bulls running loose that day in pretty rough shape, but it wasn’t these two. I am suspicious that they may have been part of a small group of dogs that had been used for fighting or baiting purposes that were dumped or escaped. Like I said, I have no idea. Dingo has scars all over his head and face, though- as his hair grows back and he heals, the scars are fading a little bit. The Humane Society let me borrow two huge kennels, I took them to the vet the moment they opened, and after talking it over with Josh, we decided to try to rehabilitate these dogs. I posted a Craigslist ad about them- frankly, I was pissed. My ad was reposted by a local organization, and people went crazy over these dogs. Everyone wanted to help- they wanted to donate, I had a request for a news segment (which I turned down for several reasons, mainly because these two were in no condition to be swarmed), and people really came together to show their love for these guys. I started a GoFundMe to give everyone an outlet, and because I was a little afraid people would try to seek us out- they are entirely unsocialized and I didn’t want to risk a bite case against them when they were just about to get started on life. I need to close it and refund anyone that wants; I just haven’t been able to tell everyone yet what happened- I don’t really know how to. When all was said and done, I started a blog to keep everyone updated on their progress that wanted to be, which I haven’t updated since this happened either.

    Boscoe and Dingo. They have been doing pretty great. Their weight is almost where it should be, Dingo’s hair is growing back, they’ve been learning commands and how to walk nicely on a leash. (“Head up, Boscoe!”- that’s what I tell him. He still has a little ways to go.) They’re smart and they’re goofy. Our next big thing was to get them neutered. Boscoe needs a small surgery to locate his other testicle. I just started a new job and was starting to save for it. They have very serious behavioral issues, which I knew from day one, but I’m pretty good at handling hard to reach dogs. A couple of weeks ago, I realized that I was a little out of my depth with their aggression. I had started researching training techniques and trainers in my area that specialize with both animal and human aggression in dogs like these two. They are not aggressive toward us at all- they love us, and I love them. We have no personal fear of either of them, and I need to make that clear.

    The week before last, Boscoe learned how to escape his kennel. When we are at work, the dogs have to stay in their kennels in their bedroom because of our two cats. Due to their current nature, we had to balance our household and keep them all separated. It was challenging, but we were making it work. We reinforced the kennels with zip ties, and would zip tie the door of Boscoe’s when we left. I decided to see how he did before consulting the vet about anxiety. He did alright with it for a few days. He wasn’t happy about it, but he wasn’t flipping out either. I put off calling the vet, which is one of the worst decisions I have ever made.

    On Tuesday, we came home from work. Josh got home about a minute or two before I did, and he called me in hysterics. I pulled in to find him in the yard, sobbing. I couldn’t understand him on the phone. I went inside and was greeted by both dogs, and the whole place was a crime scene. Boscoe had eaten or broken through the zip ties and got out of his kennel. I do not know what happened next, but I do know that happened first. At some point, Dingo got out of his kennel. The doorknob to the bedroom door was eaten into a crumpled mess of metal. They got out the door. Both of our cats were killed.

    We are beyond devastated. Grace was 23 years old. She was blind in one eye and had no claws. Slinky was just about a year. She came to us right after Christmas when my neighbor’s dog got ahold of her, and just like Dingo and Boscoe, she was just starting to learn that she had a home and a family. It will be a week tomorrow, and I still haven’t stopped crying, for both the cats and the dogs, who I am fighting tooth and nail to not have euthanized. I have fought for these two since the moment I found them, and I will continue to, but we can’t do this. It’s too much heartbreak. I know that ultimately, this is my fault. I took them in. I was too late. They don’t know what they did, and they shouldn’t die for something that was likely trained into them. I’m not even sure they both did it.

    They need to go with someone that is highly experienced in handling dogs with aggression problems. Someone who doesn’t hold anything against them for killing their household. I won’t be effective- not as effective as I was before. I’m too conflicted, and they deserve someone who doesn’t hold any resentment toward them. Even if I could eventually get past it enough, Josh can’t. I love these dogs. I kept them with us because I didn’t trust anyone else to take them. I still don’t, but I’m going to have to learn to. I knew they were going to be hard cases, and I was prepared for it. I thought I was, anyway. I was not prepared for this.

    I have an appointment with my vet on Wednesday. I’m not bringing the dogs, but I need professional advice. I also need to explain to him what happened, without the two of us hysterically trying to tell him why we were there with our two girls dead in a laundry basket. He hasn’t met Dingo and Boscoe- the other two vets in the practice have. They have a reputation, but I don’t think he even knew we took in two strays until last week.

    I will do anything that I can to make sure these two have a chance to learn how to be happy and healthy- to know what it’s like to just be a dog. To learn that they’re allowed to eat and play, and trust that people will love them. My heart is broken. I feel like I am burying all of my babies in the same grave, including Boscoe and Dingo, and I don’t know how to fix this. I have contacted rescues and sanctuaries all over the country. I don’t know what to do.

    I guess what I am asking for is contacts. If anyone knows anyone that can take and work with these dogs, or even one of them, please connect me. I am in Florida, but I will travel.They cannot and should not go to someone that isn’t experienced in this kind of aggressive behavior. I will tell you everything that I know about them and I will help as much as I can. They’re workable dogs. They won’t be easy, but I know, without a doubt, that they will be worth it. They shouldn’t go with children or small animals, at least not for a while. I don’t know how they are with kids- I actually think Boscoe would enjoy them, but Dingo might be very scared of them. I am running out of options, and with that I am running out of time. I just can’t take them to the pound. They have never had a chance, and they deserve one.

    I cannot be the only person in the entire country that is willing to work with them. There has to be someone somewhere. Please help me. Help them. If you can’t take them, share this. This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, and it’s destroying me. You can call me or email me. Help me if you can, tell me how horrible I am if you must. My name is Amanda. My phone number is 727-459-0320. My email is amalynorris@gmail.com.

    Thank you all for reading, and especially, thank you to Shirley for allowing me to post this. I don’t know what else to do.

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