Kittens Meet Grisly End at NC Pound

Kitten #35611, identified by animal advocates on Facebook as one of the cats killed by a dog at the Columbus Co pound.
Kitten #35611, identified by animal advocates on Facebook as one of the cats killed by a dog at the Columbus Co pound.

More violence at the long troubled pound in Columbus Co, NC – this time, reportedly due to an ACO who “accidentally” left a dog’s cage unlocked and “accidentally” left the door to a room housing cats unlocked then went home for the night.  Oops.  Director Rossie Hayes told a local paper:

“The door was open when we came in Monday and found what we found.”

Found what we found is a way of avoiding saying that the dog killed more than a dozen cats, most of whom were kittens.  Nobody seems to agree on the exact number killed but hey, they’re just cats.

The ACO has been fired.  And Hayes wants to know where he goes to accept his I Refrained from Killing One Dog award:

“This was just as friendly a dog as you would ever see,” Hayes said of the female pit bull. “I think the animal groups thought I would euthanize her, but I didn’t.”

The dog has reportedly been rescued.  The county recently appealed a fine assessed by the state for illegally killing an owned pet.

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17 thoughts on “Kittens Meet Grisly End at NC Pound

  1. As much as I am against euthanization, and I am, I can’t agree to a dog who is a killer being let out to kill again, kittens, cats or who knows – any more than I would advocate a person being let out to do the same thing.

    1. Actually, I’m glad they didn’t kill the dog. I know many dogs who are not cat safe (or kid safe or other dog safe) who lead completely violence-free lives through responsible ownership. This dog was set up by a monster, there’s no reason she should die for his actions as well as the kittens.

  2. RIP all of the cats and kittens who died such a dreadful death. I’m glad the responsible person was at least fired.

  3. Wonder if he stayed to watch the “fun” he created or just left the building going, “Heh,heh, I bet 12 in the dead kitten pool!”

  4. So sad for those poor kitties; I suspect thisrcwho run the shelter don’t care much about cats. I’m relieved the dog was spared. My Pit Bull, Redd, is very friendly with cats and kittens, but I made sure of that before I adopted him. He does not get along with dogs or large animals. Some dogs don’t do well with some species but are fine with others; this dog should be able to have a good life as long as she is not around cats. This can be true with humans as well; I’m uncomfortable and awkward, well, scared really, around human children, and I’m shy around adults, although I manage to get along with them well enough in my work with nonprofits. I’m truly comfortable only with dogs and cats. I can understand how some dogs can be so different with different species.

  5. “The dog was rescued” almost immediately, yet where is the “pardon” for all the cats still there in that place? One momma cat survived out of the reported 3 queens and 10 kittens who were in that quarantine area, IN CRATES! Can you even begin to imagine how traumatized she is? I can’t.

  6. Once again, the human animal species proves itself to be the most stupid f!^*ing animal to ever exist! How shallow a gene pool do you have to spawn from, to be so careless

  7. Does someone there have enough intelligence to atleast POST A GIANT NOTICE THAT “THIS DOG MUST, AT ALL TIMES, BE KEPT FAR AWAY FROM CATS, KITTENS, AND SMALL DOGS!” ?????????????

    1. Also i don’t agree with the Dog being spared. He’ll be a danger to other Animals no matter where He’ll end up. There’s always a chance he could get out and kill other Pets.

  8. Can the person who left the Dogs cage unlocked, “accidentally” be put “accidentally” in a cage with a bear?

  9. The Barbi Twins say that the guy did it on purpose…to torture the cats. If true, his little “jewels” need to be cut off, shoved up each nostril, until he succumbs to asphyxiation…(or whatever they call it when your air is cut off). I’m a pacifist, but man, a$$aholics like this turd test my “refrain from wanting to kick a$$” limits.

  10. A lot of dogs are aggressive toward some species but not others. This dog just shouldn’t be around cats.

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