8 thoughts on “Open Thread

  1. My state is burning down. But in the midst of the chaos MANY animal service agencies are stepping it up. I don’t have links to newspaper articles because things are changing SO fast but check out Petaluma Animal Services facebook page for pics, Sonoma Humane (right up the road from them) and Wine Country Animal Lovers are helping out and a page for lost animals in the area has been started:




    I have friends that are doing collection runs and taking supplies into affected areas. VCA facilities are offering boarding space as they can. Various clinics throughout the area are not only offering space to house animals BUT if an animal comes in and either has no vaccinations or they can’t tell they’re vaccinating everyone for free (take THAT regeressive shelters who can’t bother to do their jobs!). Ranchers that aren’t affected have opened up barns and fields for those with horses, cows, sheep, pigs and just about anything that can get transported out. Fairgrounds are also sheltering animals. People are congregating in the usual places (gyms, community centers) but entire towns are just gone so there will be thousands with no homes and no where to go right now. I’ve offered a bedroom in my home as a stop gap so we’ll see what happens, along with coop space for chickens. The fire just exploded, from nearly zero to 40,000 acres in a day. What’s good to see is how the surrounding communites are helping out, helping EVERYONE out, animals included.



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