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  1. vida

     /  September 26, 2015

    Artist Mark Barone has set up his Act Of Dog site, the sales go to rescue shelter dogs. It’s a sad and yet wonderful group of paintings. Over five thousand portraits of shelter dogs killed in the system. PBS is doing a documentary on the exhibit and it’s truly eye opening.

    • I’m sharing your link with my sister, who has The Shiloh Project in VA, and is passionate about saving pound and shelter dogs.

  2. Karen F

     /  September 26, 2015

    Fascinating and beautiful story:

    The secret lives of horses: Why they’re more like humans than you’d ever imagine
    Friendships come and go. Foals grow up and move away. New research reveals how sophisticated equines really are.

  3. Kathryn Hargreaves

     /  September 26, 2015

    Dogs with rescues get killed by Devore:

  4. I love old dogs. As I distributed chondroitin/glucosamine the other evening, I realized how few dogs needed it compared to the number who did. My Bloodhound needs more exercise – her hips, with atrophied muscles already when I adopted her just over a year ago, are worse and she is toeing over occasionally. My vet has her at 10. I was called and personally asked to adopt her, because her time was up – the hound person wept when she knew she was saved. So, one day I go out with the “speedsters,” and the next day, I go out with the slower, though certainly not tottering, dogs. Two at a time. I took my foster mini Dachshunds to the vet for their yearlies, then watched them enjoy being out of the yard. They, too, are older, 11 and 12, I think. We went to Panera where they shared a four cheese soufflé. And yet, I have a couple younger dogs who make me smile with their antics and yard zooming. The two younger Beagles “hunt” under the trees in the field, sounding off so I can hear each one. The photo you have with this post is absolutely lovely.

  5. Chris_B

     /  September 29, 2015
    A nice quick video from Baytown Animal Shelter volunteer that shows a scared dog that perks right up after being removed from the shelter.

  6. 2 of the 3 companies being sued for failing to disclose use of child slaves in their chocolate making also make pet foods (Nestle and Mars).

  7. Eucritta

     /  September 30, 2015

    A special ‘Breaking Cat News’ report with a positive message on adopting shelter pets.



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