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  1. Noise is a huge problem for me, and I believe the level of noise in our society is harmful, both mentally and physically, to all of us, including our pets. So I was really glad to see this story about an interesting nonprofit that collects donations of soothing music, then in turn donates them (along with equipment to play them) to shelters, where an improved soundscape calms the animals.



    There’s an acre of testimonials and they’re very interesting to read:


  2. As some of you may have seen on the news, it’s raining heavily here in SC. Not on the news, but very important: There are muddy paw prints on my sheets. Round up the usual suspects.

    1. What the FUCK?! How can we help with this BULLSHIT ‘case’ against – oh, I see the site name of LostPetFoundPet.BigCartel.com to help.

  3. Actually, looking at the site, which I can only reach by going through Youtube I’m a bit nervous about donating – if there is a way to get more info, such as the lawyer’s contact info to possibly donate directly to expenses, then maybe… I am truly sorry to pull back, since there’s obviously some heavy-handed bullshit going on from animal control and some dickhead neighbors, resulting in 2 lovely dogs being taken from their family by what has to be some egomaniac moron aco who seems too stupid to be allowed to work with animals. Is she related to Kim Davis or something? Anyway, can we get more info on this case?

  4. This is just horrible. I’m guessing that Michigan Humane did a lot of lobbying to get this passed, too. Hope Michigan folks will let their legislators know how they feel.

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