Clark Co Kills Pets Just Fine, Doesn’t Need Do-Gooders Saving Any of Them

The most recent statistics on the Clark Co Animal Control website are not too recent.  In the fiscal year 2010 – 2011, the pound took in 10,181 dogs, killing 5099 of them.  Las Vegas tv news station KTNV reported yesterday that “almost 14,000 animals” were killed in Clark Co last year.  Regardless of the exact number currently being killed, it’s obviously steep.

One bright spot:  The county has partnered with local veterinarian Chris Yach for decades.  Dr. Yach saves animals the county can not afford to treat:

As part of his long-standing private practice, Doc Yach provided emergency care for sick and injured animals brought to him by Clark County Animal Control.
Often going out-of-pocket to provide extra care beyond what the county could cover.
“And we loved to. It was kind of one of those things we could do to give back,” Dr. Yach said.

The county reportedly keeps careful track of all animals taken to contracted vets in case their owners are searching for them.  After nursing the animals back to health, Dr. Yach would find homes for unclaimed animals.  It’s a partnership that has reportedly saved many pets whose injuries would have landed them on the kill list at the pound.  But the county has decided the terms of the long standing agreement with Dr. Yach are no longer acceptable.  It’s not about money, it’s about control:

“And for whatever reason, the county decided that we can’t [adopt out animals] anymore,” Dr. Yach said. “It has to — no matter what, it has to go back to the pound — even if we can find a home for it.”
“If we can find one home, let alone dozens of homes for these pets, we’re gonna probably find a better home than the pound,” said Dr. Yach. “And the pound has so many animals to find homes for, why would it make any difference that we found a home for this pet here?”

The county pound is killing thousands of animals a year but is now demanding they get even more pets into the facility.  How does this make sense?

[County Animal Control Administrator Jason] Allswang says they have to follow protocol.
“The code reads that the animals have to go to the contracted shelter.”

But since the county has no “shelter” – just a pet killing facility – maybe they could just keep on letting this vet save some animals here and there?  Since it’s no extra work or expense for the county?  All they have to do is nothing and boom – some animals get to live.  But I guess that’s just ridiculous.  Maybe you have to kill 14,000 animals a year to really appreciate the importance of following the county code to the letter.

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4 thoughts on “Clark Co Kills Pets Just Fine, Doesn’t Need Do-Gooders Saving Any of Them

  1. The same Clark County that plans to pass even MORE restrictive laws on pet owners, including (especially???) owners of exotic pets, including birds… limit of 3, high cost “permits ” that will allow unfettered access to your private residence.

    I guess killing pets trumps finding homes or keeping happy healthy pets IN their homes…

    Since the legislator pushing this says birds do not belong in our homes…

  2. Rules is rules! We’ve got a contract with the hauling company, after all – if we don’t fill their trucks with bodies, we get penalized!

    What a bunch of assholes.

  3. I am shaking, I am so angry! I do not understand!! Why? No-Kill works! This is a choice! Clark County makes the choice to kill healthy, adoptable animals, even when there is help out there to find homes for them! Is this a power trip! Help is there, and Clark County doesn’t have to lift a finger!! Reminds me too much of PETA! Makes no sense! Dead is NOT better! Give them a chance to live for God’s sake!

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