14 thoughts on “Open Thread

  1. The CEO of ARNO, Charlotte Bass Lilly, has crossed the rainbow bridge.

    “Charlotte Bass Lilly spent her life rescuing animals. She stayed with her pets during Katrina and then joined the massive rescue mission saving thousands of animals in floodwaters after Katrina. Charlotte stepped up as national groups left to start the first no-kill animal shelter to serve the region rescuing and re-homing more than 8,000 animals since March of 2006 and called ARNO, Animal Rescue New Orleans.”


    1. So glad to see this piece — it seems to get everything right and it’s in a prominent news outlet. Thanks for posting.

  2. I suspect that is why he opted for a bench trial. We all know he is guilty and a jury would have come to the right decision. I hope he knows karma because she will be knocking on his door.

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