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    1. There’s a whole lotta crazy in rescue, no doubt. But when you start hurting people, you need to take a long, hard look at yourself and the choices you’re making.

      1. The kicker is, they have those pictures in front of them and dare to claim they aren’t sure that this is same dog they pulled. The markings don’t lie.

    1. Two comments: first, I love this photo, too. Second, re: your link/response, I have a very good friend and a very good animal (cats, dog, horses) owner/advocate. After her JRT died at age 15 (her second JRT), she wanted a PRT puppy. Three, 3, rescues turned her down because she didn’t have a fenced back yard. IT WAS THEIR ONLY REASON. Never mind my friend would never leave a PRT puppy alone in a fenced back yard anyway….my sister, an extreme dog advocate who does very good work in VA, calls people like my friend “dog snobs” for wanting a certain breed. My friend finally bought a puppy from reputable breeders who yes, take back their puppies if needed at any time, and keep in touch with their customers. I would not want a PRT; I have two old Rat Terriers who are the wrong type of dog for me (I’m a hound person), BUT, they were in dire need and I can tolerate their eccentricities for the rest of their lives. I no longer rescue but do foster. An online friend asked what types of dogs I will foster and I told her, only Beagles. I’ve had/have Coonhounds, Bloodhounds, Dachshunds, Labs, and mixes of all sorts. If that makes me a dog snob, so be it, but those I’m fostering find very good homes through their rescues. I’ve made mistakes when adopting out dogs, but most went to stellar homes. Two Coonhounds went to homes w/o fences, since they jumped them anyway! They are both still happy with their families. I adopted two puppies to a couple in college whose dogs at home were intact but well managed. Took some heat on that BUT they are both happy, well loved, and I see photos often. We need to meet people where they are….and we are not so perfect ourselves, as the presenter showed with his questions. Thank you for this link.

  1. I for one am over it- rescues stealing family pets.
    It is becoming epidemic- and many people cannot afford the civil case.
    I had a friend whose dog was stolen literally within minutes of being let outside to potty- while she was home with the flu and didn’t accompany her dog outside. The dog was her sons therapy dog. The rescue refused to acknowledge the dog was hers an return it even with all the documentation. She had to file a civil case to get their attention. Then they shook her down for $150 if she wanted to get her dog back. She paid it. But this has got to stop!!!

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