Treats on the Internets

The director/supervising ACO at the North Jersey HS Shelter, Vincent Asolese, has been fired after being charged with 14 counts of animal cruelty. An August inspection report of the facility describes sub-standard conditions and says that Asolese slit the throat of a fawn who was impounded on June 29, letting her bleed to death.

Lost Dogs of Wisconsin explains why a proposed bill which reduces the holding period for lost pets in shelters is harmful. (Thanks Clarice.)

AC seized 11 dogs and puppies from what they claim to be a “hoarding situation” in Lacey, Washington. The dogs shown in the video appear to be in good condition, despite the allegation that some of them were being starved. I know nothing about this case beyond the few details provided in the article but it’s problematic when authorities toss around the “hoarding” label without careful consideration.

After children were seen taunting a beloved neighborhood stray dog in Michigan and violent threats were made against him, a feral dog sanctuary took him in.  The article gives you a glimpse into the process of how feral dogs are acclimated to people over time at the sanctuary with the end goal being adoption.

1700 wild horses, bought for $10 each from the Bureau of Land Management by a single buyer, were sold to slaughter in Mexico at a high profit.  The government declined to prosecute.  (Thanks Terri.)

This piece may give you a new appreciation of pigeons.

4 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. I wonder if the owner of the Washington dogs being kept in “squalid conditions” was ever given official notice and the opportunity to clean up and keep his dogs, or if they just busted in and took them. Also had to LOL at “It was like they’d never seen food before!” as though that’s some evidence of neglect. If dogs diving into their food as though they haven’t been fed in days means they’re neglected, then I’m in trouble.

    1. If my dogs could testify, they would surely tell the judge, “It’s true. We have never seen food before. That lady has starved us. My legs are wobbly even now. Do you have any graham crackers on you?”

    2. If anyone saw how my dogs lunge and grab, then rip and tear paper towel tubes, they might think they are so starved that they’d eat anything out of desperation. ‘Wouldn’t look good for me, I’m sure.

  2. Always had a soft spot for pigeons. Rescued one years ago, rehabed him and spent happy days watching him fly with his new flock once he’d got his flight back.
    And I am also pretty sure my dogs would insist they haven’t seen a meal for days even ten minutes after dinner.

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