Video Depicts Injured Dog Being Cruelly Treated by Pound Staff

On November 17 a Good Samaritan, George Duran, took a severely injured dog he found lying motionless in an intersection to the long troubled pound in Downey, CA.  He explained to the workers who came out to his truck to get the dog that the animal was unable to stand due to injuries.  He filmed the subsequent abuse inflicted on the dog by the staff:

[A]nimal control officials wrap a rope around the dog’s muzzle, and one of them lifts the dog by the scruff of his neck out of Duran’s vehicle and sets him down on his clearly-visible injured hind legs.
The dog, unable to balance itself, yelps as it falls to the ground.

Mr. Duran says he told the male employee that he was hurting the dog and that the man replied that he didn’t care. Points for honesty, I guess.

Duran said he asked a female animal control worker to get a muzzle for the dog, but she told him she didn’t need it. On the video, she is heard telling Duran, “Let me do my job.”

You doing (what you seem to think is) your job is the thing we are afraid of.

Eventually, the workers lift the dog like a corpse, holding its four legs, and drop it into a cage.

That hurts to read, let alone how it must have felt to the poor dog. I haven’t watched the video because animal torture porn is not my thing.

“They made the dog’s condition worse,” Duran said. “They treated him like he was dead.”

And in short order, he was. Killed by the compassionate staff at the Downey pound. I can only guess how that went down. “Let me do my job.”  Please don’t let those be the last words I hear on this earth.

After video of the abuse was shared widely on social media, public outcry forced shelter management to take action.  Kind of:

[S]helter officials said Wednesday they will develop new training for handling injured animals.
Details about the future training content and a timetable for its rollout have not been decided yet, said Betsey Webster, chief deputy director of the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control Department.
Maria Rosales, acting animal care center manager in Downey, could not be reached for comment.

Sounds like the Downey pound is ON IT. More training, no one knows what or when, and don’t ask the pound manager because she’s hiding unavailable but there will be some sort of memo maybe, instructing workers not to toss dogs around by their busted legs, while being filmed.  And if they do, repercussions will be swift.  More unspecified training, presumably.  Though the next memo might have a frowny face at the top or something like that.

(Thanks Clarice.)

6 thoughts on “Video Depicts Injured Dog Being Cruelly Treated by Pound Staff

  1. That is just so sad, Why do idiot’s get off on abuse of animals, wish I lived there.
    I would let the BIT** do her job after I put a muzzle on her…

  2. Dear Lord. You forget that people without empathy exist until you read something like this.

    Clearly these people think that “their job” includes animal abuse. I want cameras in every part of that shelter – and then I want to see the arrest warrants that are sure to follow.

    Training, my ass. You can’t train compassion.

  3. I could not watch the whole video – I thought I was going to puke! Absolutely no compassion! I may have nightmares :(

  4. Maybe they could get the training guy from MAS to do it for them. He does such a good job!!! (sarcasm off now) RIP Pup, such a tragedy that your life ended so badly with horrible “people” who didn’t care about you. (Sorry, can’t watch it either)

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