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  1. North Carolina writer Bronwen Dickey’s book “Pit Bull: The Battle Over an American Icon,” currently available for pre-order, will be published in May.


    Dickey, who is the daughter of the late Poet Laureate James Dickey, wrote “Licked to Death by a Pit Bull,” a 2012 piece in the magazine Garden and Gun that got a lot of attention:


    The forthcoming book has incredible pre-publication blurbs, from people like Alexandra Horowitz, author of “Inside of a Dog,” and novelist Pat Conroy. And it’s being published by Knopf. So I’m guessing it will be widely reviewed and will bring more positive attention to pit bulls.

    Sample blurbs:

    “Bronwen Dickey has written the first comprehensive explanation of how the bull terrier of the gentry transformed nearly overnight into the chained-up hellhound of the underclass. This book gets to the cultural roots of the ‘demon dog’ fantasy and helps us understand that the stories we tell about pit bulls are really stories about violence, class and repressed rage. Dickey is a consummate reporter and a brilliant incisive writer who has given us a book about far more than dogs.” —Tom Zoellner, author, Train: Riding the Rails that Created the Modern World

    “This is one of the best dog books you will ever read. But, it is also about the big stuff – the moral status of animals, the science of nature and nurture, the role of race in our culture. In Pit Bull, Bronwen Dickey weaves a tale in which the most divisive of animal issues becomes a metaphor for deep-seated conflicts in American society.” —Hal Herzog, author, Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat

  2. People are occupying Detroit Animal Control, stand off at the moment. A link with some background information-http://www.fox2detroit.com/news/local-news/57453733-story. At this point people are trying to get the shelter to let them get two dogs to the vets and being turned down. It started with a police raid on a home and three dogs dead, one missing and no answers from the authorities. Hannah Saunders FOX 2 page on Facebook has more information on this situation.

  3. Permission to “post anything animal related in the comments, anytime”. Have been wanting to send you this poem for a long time. It happens that my husband wrote it, but I love it anyway:

    (Or, Heaven is the Suspension of Logic)

    How many times did I say no to you?
    How many times did I make you do no.
    No, don’t bark so loud,
    Stop that! No. Don’t chase.
    Please don’t jump up. No.
    You’ll mess up my suit.
    No you just can’t go —
    You’ll get fur all over the car.
    And don’t look at me that way now.
    Pal, stop it! Don’t fight.
    No, be nice to Buddy, your friend.
    And then there was the final no
    And I didn’t even get to say it to you.
    It’s gone too far, he can’t go on.
    No, don’t do any more.

    So now you’re in another land,
    Where no is turned around.
    There are no fences to stop your roam.
    No one says, “Don’t get in the car.”
    There’s nothing to mind if you bark til hoarse
    And the arthritis in your pain gives no pain.
    That which is most, to which none can compare,
    Is that nothing shall stand in the way
    When we shall meet there one of these days,
    That the tears which will fall
    Won’t dampen my jaw,
    But grow as flowers as they drop to the ground.
    In a bower so made,
    We will spend many days
    Thinking how the word “no” has changed.
    –C. Tyler Burt

  4. There’s a dispute with my local shelter, over a dog who was adopted out with what turned out to be a broken leg, that had been misdiagnosed by the shelter vet:

    It’s an interesting ethical issue. Myself, I think given the misdiagnosis that it is the shelter’s responsibility to cover at least some of the cost of Tallullah’s surgery. (But then, I also think when an animal is brought in with a very painful, swollen joint, an x-ray is just good practice, not a luxury.)

  5. Good news for the animals of Detroit. Detroit Animal Control will have a new director who has the support of the mayor and others to clean up the cesspool that has been DAC. She is well known in the rescue community and animal lovers are jubilant about this badly needed change. She starts Monday and animal supporters are already putting out pleas for ways to support her. Now is we could get Michigan Humane to stop their killing, it would be even better. Very excited about this!

      1. I am waiting to see what she does with the other sadistic employees. It won’t be any easy job getting rid of them.

      2. No, nothing about this is going to be easy, but there are a lot of folks with authority who are backing this change. So . . . I’m going to be optimistic and support those who are on the front lines.

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