4 thoughts on “Open Thread

  1. Update to the Spot the dog/Tri County rescue case: a judge has ordered Spot to be returned to his owners while the case is in the courts:


    This place started a smear campaign against the owners ever before they tried to get Spot back. Within 45 minutes of getting him they had an examiner article posted that was full of lies. Example: they claimed he was dumped due to the impending birth of another child. The wife wasn’t pregnant. Something they knew.

  2. If you haven’t seen the Netflix doc series Making a Murderer, here’s a primer:

    Although I haven’t seen the series, I do remember the case from when it happened as it made national news. The series reportedly casts doubt on the guilt of the man convicted of murdering a woman. My take: the guy pleaded guilty when he was 20 to pouring gasoline on a cat and throwing her into a fire. My sentence for that crime, had I been the judge, would have been life in prison w/out the possibility of parole – which is the sentence he received for murdering the woman. So even if he didn’t kill the woman, I’m prepared to call it a wash. Leave him in jail and lose the key.

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