Shelter Pet of the Day: Memphis

What the Memphis pound has done to get dog ID #283970 adopted:

283970 mas ph
Screencap from

What animal advocates have done to get dog ID #283970 adopted:

Jody Fisher asked MAS repeatedly to at least post this adorable dog’s photo on PetHarbor so she might have a better chance at being adopted but was refused.  The dog has until tomorrow to get adopted.  If anyone is interested in adopting but needs assistance, please leave a comment here.  I love this dog.  I will do whatever I can to help get her out of Memphis Animal Slaughterhouse.

mpa cage card 283970
Photo by Memphis Pets Alive

Memphis city pound
2350 Appling City Cove
Memphis, TN 38133
(901) 636-PAWS (7297)

11 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day: Memphis

    1. Thank you for running over to the pound to get a video of this sweet pup. Maybe the city should start paying you for doing the work the staff refuses to do.

      1. Seriously. But they STILL consider their main function to be pet killing, not pet rehoming.

        If Rogers is no longer there, who is running the place?

  1. Will the shelter allow a local rescue to pull her, or does she need an adopter to physically go to the shelter to get her? Will try to network for her, but I’d like to know the limitations. (Perhaps “pet processing facilities” would be a more fitting nomenclature than “shelters” for pounds that focus on killing rather than on pushing adoptions.)

  2. She is just a baby. Praying that someone gets her out of there alive. MAS is Memphis Animal Slaughterhouse. Sounds like the replacement director is no better than the last one. Is the new mayor going to make some good changes? Anyone local who has a sense of where Memphis is going?

  3. Everyone who cares needs to go to the meetng at the shelter to,let the shelter know what they want no kill work with the rescues give the animals more time so rescues can network more !!!

  4. She is STILL alive at MAS – her photo is STILL missing from PH. There are actually 24 dogs posted in ADOPT section on PH and 7 of those are MISSING PHOTOS. I continuously send them emails but they truly don’t give a sh*t…well, there are a few that do – but Tunstall needs to be gone yesterday!

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