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  1. Nearly 50 dogs were transported from Palm Springs, California to Halifax Nova Scotia by the Animal Rescue Corps. There are also plans to transport about 20 dogs and 50 cats to the province. The cats will be taken to Prince Edward Island.

    Linda Felix, president of Spay Day HRM, an organization that provides low-cost spaying and neutering of cats for low-income families, said she is concerned that this region is being portrayed as a place to bring cats.

    Nova Scotia has a problem with unwanted cats and it would be better if more focus was put on the problem here, she said.

    “My concern with cats is the misinformation that is being portrayed to the public about this, that we are progressive when it comes to dealing with cats, that we have low-cost spay neuter program, that we are flowing in foster homes,” Felix said.

    “Those things are definitely not the case for Nova Scotia. We are full to the gills with cats.”


    1. This is why I try to be very careful about articles and videos and pictures that I share showing “abuse”. Even if I don’t agree with how the dog is being cared for that doesn’t make it abuse. There are to many people out there who believe that “public opinion” means that they can get away with breaking the law to “save” the dog.

      Quote: “Police said the dog has an adequate shelter with a wood chip bed and a water bowl inside.

      The neighbor who created the post said she sometimes sees the dog left out for longer periods of time and that “her food and water dish were frozen in the snow.””

      Or yah-know, the dog is going out every half an hour cause of poor bladder control and there-for SEEMS to be out constantly. And the owners do like I do and have a 2nd set of bowls outside that they don’t bother to bring inside in the winter cause they have a set inside too so who cares if the outside ones are snow covered cause they aren’t being used anyway…..

    2. How can anyone tell how long an animal has been outside from a picture alone? That’s my thing. If someone took a picture of my dogs outside they could claim they have no shelter and no food or water. Well, they don’t outside. They live inside. So I have never felt the need to build a shelter or keep bowls outside that are full.

      It’s too easy now for people with a grudge, even if it’s on an unrelated matter, to make life a living hell for others. Hardly anyone questions pictures of animals outside/being abused before acting on them. The few who do are lumped into the same group as the “abusers”.

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