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  1. Just because he has a pet black bear that he bought at five weeks old doesn’t make him a bad person. Or that he’s a puppy miller. Or that his wife performed puppy neuters herself without anesthesia. Or that they own a pet shop which is a front for their puppy milling business. Or… oh, never mind, they’re bad people.


  2. Owner of a dog boarding facility allows seven dogs to attack another dog. She then denies medical care to said dog for hours. By the time she allows transport to an emergency vet it is too late for them to save him.

    She then launches a coverup that includes lying to a pet crematorium (claiming to be the owner) and never notifying the owners that their dog died, much less how. She also refuses to allow the owners to pick up their dog’s ashes. That would have clued the people there into the fact she was not the owner and they would have likely told the owners what condition their dog was in when she brought him in.

    There are several different versions of what happened floating around Facebook at the moment. But that is solely because the owner of the facility has told many lies about what happened when. Even now no one is sure the full truth is known.


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