Former Nevada Pound Director Charged with Cruelty

There have been some developments in the case of the former head of Boulder City AC in Nevada. Readers might remember Mary Jo Frazier as the lady organism accused of killing healthy/treatable animals “for fun”, who was the subject of a police investigation resulting in a recommendation of criminal charges but whose boss decided to sweep the whole thing under the rug and allow her to retire.  Frazier reportedly fled the state.

Frazier’s then-boss, police chief Bill Conger, has also hit the highway:

Conger resigned in January after his staff went to human resources to complain that Frazier’s behavior had been reported to him a full year before taking in action, and resulted in an abrupt departure of its police chief.

A Clark Co grand jury indicted Frazier yesterday on two felony counts of animal cruelty and a warrant has been issued for her arrest. One charge relates to Frazier’s alleged refusal to provide care for a badly injured pitbull puppy because, as a whistleblower told police, “we don’t spend money on pit bulls and because I’m just going to stick her anyway.” The second charge relates to Frazier’s alleged spite-killing of her ex-husband’s dachshund, Oscar.

Thanks, once again, to the irresponsible public for bringing all the irresponsible to their elected officials and shoving it in their faces until they did their jobs:

Public outcry turned into passionate rallies and protests with several victims in attendance.

And several more under mountains of trash at the landfill.

“This is somebody who is being paid to take care of these animals who was killing these animals,” said Nevada State Senator Mark Manendo, who helped lead the fight for the city to submit the case to the Clark County District Attorney for consideration.

Gee, what a thing.

“We had people even saying listen ‘we’d come into be shelters with food and blankets and we were going to walk the animals and there were no animals there,'” Manendo said.

Sooooo everyone was under the assumption the place had a 100% adoption rate and those adoptions happened instantaneously upon impound? No one noticed the dumpster overflowing with pets and attempted to reconcile that with this empty pound? I have to think that someone, probably many someones, did notice. But there was a powerful enabler in the police chief and an environment of hostility and violence. Frazier wielded her absolute power in the cruelest possible way, betraying the animals she was being paid to protect from harm.

I’m glad Frazier is finally being charged. I wish it was more. And I hope the former police chief is next.

(Thanks Clarice.)

10 thoughts on “Former Nevada Pound Director Charged with Cruelty

  1. I want to vomit! There are no words for what I would like to happen to both these “organisms”.

  2. In the Sociopath Next Door the author states that many sociopaths are found in animal welfare and rescue groups. People in these fields need to be scrutinized carefully and continually. What sociopaths count on is that because we are honest and caring we think they are. The empty pound should have been reported immediately. Since she obviously did not do her job whoever employed her needs to legally demand her entire salary back following her incarceration.

    1. you are right, it is the same in care work, sociopaths and scum bags get into those jobs and abuse vulnerable elderly and handicapped people. Its sick how some people are

  3. It would be wonderful to see some accountability all around and criminal charges are a good start.

    1. I agree that we need to hold people accountable for their actions, at whatever level. Hope it happens here . . . to the fullest extent of the law possible. They also need to go after the man who enabled/facilitated this (hesitate to use police officer out of respect for so many good, decent ones).

  4. Thank God she’s caught — thank God they squealed on her — why stopping this IMBECILE didn’t happen sooner is beyond me — FIND these 2 IDIOTS — mete out SEVERE punishments — lengthy prison terms (10 yrs each) and hefty monetary penalties ($100,000 each) so that repeats of such torturous crimes against animals NEVER occur — no matter what your position, no matter what your title. — Lastly, she must NEVER come into contact with animals — REMEMBER, just because someone gives you a title does NOT mean you’re knowledgeable, does NOT mean you’re SMART, does NOT mean you’re INTELLIGENT — to summarize, you’re a mindless idiot — you belong in prison.

  5. I really like Cathie Sowles’ idea. Hefty, hefty fine for the woman and for each individual involved. Money will perhaps be the only way to make them feel the “stick” (in the perpetrator’s own words for the needle of euthanization) of the law’s force.

    She violated the public trust and no animal stood a chance with her. Lord help her; have mercy on her. The irony is that being behind bars—in a cage—she knows a bit of what those poor animals felt.

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