8 thoughts on “Name That Animal

  1. Not sure how the lines are counted, but I think it’s the 13-lined ground squirrel. There’s a seven and a thirteen, I’m pretty sure. This one is Fred McNamara, and he’s a construction engineer.

  2. Prairie dog? Spotted striped prairie dog? Spiped prairie dog? Strotted prairie dog?

    There’s a reason no one has ever come to me to name an animal.


    This is a 13 lined ground squirrel. Apparently common, although I’ve never seen one. I like all the other names Wiki has for this animal:

    The thirteen-lined ground squirrel (Ictidomys tridecemlineatus), also known as the striped gopher, leopard ground squirrel, squinney, and as the leopard-spermophile in Audubon’s day, is a ground squirrel. It is widely distributed over grasslands and prairies of North America.

    Please call me Squinney going forward.

  4. Wow! I actually got one right. Well, I’m best at identifying mammals, and you so often put these amazingly cool invertebrates up to test us. I appreciate learning about them, but I so often know little to nothing about them.

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